Spam from The Tile Shop

I'm floored. I just got spam from The Tile Shop. The Tile Shop in Richmond was responsible for a two month delay of my bathroom renovation and lied to me repeatedly about the quality and availability of their products.

A former employee of the store warned me that the cararra marble tile on display did not match the quality of the tile they delivered. She actually described the color of the tile they delivered as "urine yellow." I asked the manager about that when I was shopping and she assured me that the color problem happened many months ago and it was just a question of one bad batch of tile.

I should have known better. Check out the sample on top of the tile they tried to give me.

The manager said she'd track down tile that wasn't damaged, but never called me. I initiated call after call over the course of two weeks trying to get my tile. She said she was checking every store, but only after I wrote an email to corporate did she admit that "everyone" was trying to track down some tile.

Samples on the left, delivered tile on the right

Amazingly, the tile remained on display, with pristine samples lined up below it. I wound up buying my tile through an ebay seller, after checking numerous references. I was thrilled with the tile that showed up and with how my bathroom turned out.

I haven't heard from The Tile Shop in a year, which is why I'm so surprised to get a spam email from them today.


  1. please tell me you got your money back!!



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