My totally insane house search

I'm not buying a house.

You wouldn't know that from the way I've been acting lately.

I've been stalking the new home listings each day, pouring over data about the housing market, and studying the real estate blogs. Over the weekend, we toured the house that a family member is putting on the market in the spring. On Monday night, I convinced Marc to take Baxter on a walk in a neighborhood we didn't know just so we could walk by a cute house. We wound up meeting the women who lives next door, who had a key to the house ("That's the kind of street this is...we all have each others' keys!"). So, we had a "showing" after the woman sent a text to the owner. Baxter played in the neighbor's backyard with her dog and daughters while we walked around.

But I'm not buying a house.

Am I totally crazy?


  1. Hey you r house looks beautiful in HOMEstyle! SO elegant! When are you going to be on a home tour so I can come see it :)!

  2. I think you're buying a house, you just don't know it yet. :-)

  3. I don't think you are nuts. I sometimes still browse for fun and we bought 2 years ago and ain't going anywhere soon. But ! agree - I think you ARE buying!

  4. hmmmmm.....sounds to me like M might be buying a house!
    (You're not crazy -- I do that kind of thing all the time!)

  5. Not at all. Can I not buy a house in C'ville too?!


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