My take on "What I Wore" blogs

I have to admit that "What I Wore" type blogs only made it onto my radar screen about year ago, when a few design bloggers either made references to them or started posting pictures of themselves with descriptions of the clothing items they wore. There was one blog (I don't remember the name) written by a young woman that showed pictures of her all over New York City wearing designer clothes. The word in the blogsphere was that the clothes were given to her, her boyfriend took the pictures, and she had a book deal in the works. This was her job. She was a model who had never worked a traditional modeling job.

When I started to see the "What I Wore" blogs, I had to laugh. First of all, my wardrobe is pretty much free of trendy pieces. I have an office job. I work in academia, but I'm still in an office for a traditional work day. One can't sashay around in over the knee boots and leggings here. By the way, did anyone notice stirrup pants in the windows of Gap stores this month? Ridiculous!

Now, just for fun, here is my week (so far) of "What I Wore" for all of the office dwellers out there.

Monday: Banana Republic pants & cardigan, J. Crew shirt, Franco Sarto heels
Tuesday: Ann Taylor top, Burberry skirt (I lived in Boston, remember?), Banana Republic boots
Wednesday: Ann Taylor cardigan, Banana Republic top and pants, Stuart Weitzman heels
Thursday: J. Crew blazer, pants, and sleeveless top, Stuart Weitzman flats

I imagine the little fashion bloggers would think "OMG! Not a stitch of clothing from Anthro. There's, like, a lot of black and she's wearing a suit. Ick."

Had these blogs been around when I was in my early 20s, I imagine I would have been all over them. Many of the fashion bloggers seem to be young and the clothes they wear point to them either not working or working outside a traditional office. They rave about Olivia Palermo. They love and/or belittle actresses on Gossip Girl while aspiring to be like the characters they play. They probably think my excitement for paint and color trends is totally bizarre.

Kudos to the fashion bloggers (like this one) who are a bit down to earth. I know there are more out there.

Do you read any of those "What I Wore" blogs? What do you think of them?


  1. HaHaHaHaHa! Love your take on it!

    Nope, don't read such blogs. For as wild as my decorating tastes run, my sartorial choices are a complete 180 - J.Crew, Talbots, and Anthro's more sedate offerings. Hippie decorator, preppy dresser.

  2. Great post! I don't care for those blogs my wardrobe is very simple and comfortable A&F, AE.
    Their styles are too unrealistic and wild for my taste and husbands wallet. I use to be an Admin and I too had to wear suits so I bought all mine at JcPenny's.

    I can hear it now: OMG!!! You bought your suits at JcPenny's!!!!! haha

    Funny Raina says her decorating taste are wild but her clothe more muted I am the same bright colored home 90% blue/brown wardrobe.

  3. Ew! Olivia Palermo! I've been watching "The City" while I sew - the behind-the-scenes fashion aspect of it is what I enjoy - and I can not StAND Olivia. She's so not a nice person, at least on the show.

    Anyway, I love looking at creative/interesting fashion blogs, ones that inspire me to try new looks with the items I have on hand, and I wish I were in a work environment without a dress code. But I don't follow any "what i wore" blogs, not yet at least.

    Lately I've been trying more creative looks for the office, because there are no execs around anymore. But no over-the-knee boots or leggings for me at work - ever.

  4. Is it wrong that I was trying to peer around you in the photo to get a better look at your wall tile?
    I'm just way more interested in trying to salvage vintage door hardware than shoving my way thru an Anthro on the weekends.
    I'm an office dweller too, and I think we wore very similar outfits this week. Which means we both have good taste. :)

  5. I think it all depends on what style blogs you follow - there are a lot of modest style blogs that use pieces in their own closet, not trying to be trendy, just use what they have. There are a lot of great ideas out there for all types of wardrobes and styles, just like there are a lot great interior design blogs.

  6. My wardrobe is completely boring too, so I don't follow any fashion blogs. But omg stirrup pants?!!?!? Say it isn't so! Some things should never come back in style ...

  7. I like your outfits! I agree with Lauren in that some fashion blogs are more down to earth and can offer some great outfit ideas. There are even some that feature work wear from banana, limited, etc. so they feel very approachable.

  8. I am glad you think I'm down to earth! Seriously, that means a lot. I agree with you that a lot of these outfits in the fashion blogosphere are pretty "out there." At the same time, a bit of that is good for the fashion junkies, so that they get inspired to think out of the box from time to time and come up with new and creative looks.
    As a fashion blogger, I do follow those blogs to see what's out there. It gets a little intimidating for me because, much like you, I come from an office environment where you don't get to experiment quite as much. At my last office, you had to wear close-toed shoes and we rarely got to wear jeans. Now, at my current job, we don't have a real dress code so almost anything will do, but I still don't wear anything that's too zany or out of there. I LOVE Banana Republic, and you don't see that a lot on fashion blogs because folks think it's too mainstream or whatever. But I say who cares if you don't look like Mary Kate & Ashley - if it looks great on you and you love it, that's what's really important!
    As far as "what I wore" sort of blogs, I like to post outfits here and there, but mainly to show something cool that I found in town or do a little "how to" about a new trend. To put it another way, I like to have some kind of purpose for posting it other than just posting it. I don't like doing those every day either, and would rather post on events in town, sales, local artisans, and such. I figure that might be more interesting than just looking at my outfits every day. :)
    Overall, there is some value in the artistry of some of these "what I wore" blogs, but I agree - most of us need something a bit more down to earth.

    Dana (

  9. You are adorable! I love your outfits. Regarding the "What I Wore" blogs, people have to pull it off just right or they come across as self-absorbed narcissists. I was a full-time corporate attorney in my recent past, so these fashion bloggers would be appalled by most of the contents of my closet. The horror!!!

  10. haha. i used to be fashion obsessed in my teens and 20's so i cannot imagine how little i would have accomplished with my life if now were then (i'd be reading blogs all day). i wanted to be a fashion designer from 12-18 but was smart, so i studied science instead. then there was no fashion anywhere and i forgot. then i discovered interiors which was good because i no longer weighed 105 lbs and didn't look quite as cute in stirrup pants any more (which were around in the 80's by the way, and had been done in the late 60's if I recall also).

    Your photos look like they are taken in my own bathroom - you are a girl after my own heart. It would be me about 20 lbs ago and shorter hair but the clothing is just what I wear. Lots of black and charcoal and cardigans and suits. Brighter colours than I wear on top, otherwise perfect. So funny. I should copy you and do this one week!!

    great post idea! And you are cute as a button besides smart and accomplished.
    xo Terri

  11. You're too cute! Those blogs make me sad that I have zero dollars to spend on impractical outfits... but then again, I'd rather go on an awesome trip than own shoes that cost even close to (ugh or over?) 100 dollars. Jimmy choo can bite me. whatever.

    My last office job was the same outfits over and over and over but I did look forward to pairing them with funky cheapo necklaces i'd score from target and forever 21.

    ok that's all i got! I enjoyed the post =)

    Jenn L @ Peas & Crayons

  12. I don't generally follow clothing blogs because I, too, am in professional gear 5 days of the week and then comfies on the weekend (workout clothes, jeans). I just don't have the bandwidth to care *that much* about clothes.

  13. Ah! You're funny :) That blog your referring to about the girl who goes allover NY being photographed by her boyfriend is Glamourai. Love her blog! Not particularly a fan of What I Wore blogs but don't mind a little peek into someones wardrobe now and then. I've been thinking about posting some of my outifts but always back down.

    You look very cute for work! I dress like that to Mon-Fri...Boring sometimes isn't it?

  14. This outfit is absolutely smashing. Awesome look!


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