The faucet

I'm still out of commission. I promise I'll be back to normal tomorrow. Or this weekend. Or Monday.

Anyone want to see the new faucet I picked out for the kitchen? Keep in mind, this is a condo and some of my choices aren't exactly in line with those I would make in my forever home. Here were the choices:

1. I pretty much have this now. A fairly simple, pull out faucet with one handle.

2. This one has a higher neck, a pull out nozzle, and a side handle.

3. This one also has a high neck, a pull out nozzle, and a separate handle. It also comes with a soap dispenser.

4. The next option had a high neck, a separate handle, separate spray nozzle, and a soap dispenser.

5. This last option had a higher, more classic looking neck, two handles, and a separate spray nozzle.

I wanted my new faucet to have a higher neck than my current one. There are times when I have a hard time washing larger platters and baking dishes. I also like having a single handle. That left me with options 2, 3, and 4. I didn't see any need for a separate spray nozzle. That left me with options 2 and 3.

I currently have a built-in soap dispenser and definitely like that, but having it means there's an extra crevice to clean. After going back and forth between the options, I decided that I wanted the simplest option. The single hole needed for option 2 was most attractive to me.


  1. Nice! That will look so good, you have such great taste! Cannot wait to see the finished product

  2. Hope you feel better, and love your options. A mistake we made was going very high end. The faucet filter actually works too well and needs to be taken apart and cleaned frequently (a real pain).

  3. Nice pick! Can you tell me what brand these are? We might be replacing our faucet soon.


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