The counters are coming! The counters are coming!

The counter top guys are coming on Thursday morning! Between now and then, I want to clear out the drawers and cabinets that will be exposed to the dust of the installation. I'll also be moving my dining chairs to the living room for the morning and putting Baxter in the bedroom.

Last night, I decided to clear out the area under the sink so I can have the disposal and drain disconnected on Wednesday night without too much fuss. Here's the before:

Here's the after:

I've also been inspired by the EcoWomen to slowly switch over to more earth friendly cleaning products. I thought I had done that long ago, but have realized that some companies do a lot of marketing about being green and might not have the best practices. Perhaps one day, I'll make my own cleaners to way my mother did when I was a kid (I thought everyone "made" Windex). Baby steps for now. The "Green Works" stuff is going and the Seventh Generation products are moving in.

Unless someone tells me Seventh Generation is problematic. I hope not! I did some research on them and they seem reputable.


  1. As one of the Eco Women, I promise you that not all of us make our own cleaners (Enviro Girl and the Green Mommy do, the other three are hit or miss, and I do not). (And how crazy is it that I even know if my friends make or buy their cleaning supplies???) So don't feel like you have to make your own; do it only if you want to. There are plenty of great eco cleaners out there, including Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyers, and Whole Foods house brands.

  2. I'm in the same boat. I know I CAN make cleaning supplies but so far I have not. When my current stash runs out (mostly eco-friendly commercial brands) I'll move to the vinegar + baking soda camp.

  3. I have large turntables for the supplies under my sink and it makes getting to them so easier/neater.

  4. I know can make my own cleaning supplies but I just don't have time/think of it when the time comes. As our stuff runs out though I try to buy eco-friendly stuff whenever I can.


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