Charlottesville's Mistletoe Market 2010

I have only started going to craft shows recently. To be frank, I think there's a lot of "stuff" at these things and being a fan of living small, they aren't really my scene. I went to Martha's Market this year to support the charity connected to the event and I went to Mistletoe Market to do the same. The Mistletoe Market is run by the Charlottesville chapter of the Junior League. I'm not a Junior Leaguer, but a member told me they only have two fundraisers each year, this craft fair and a casino night, so I figured I'd go to support them.

I headed to the market with Dana, my neighbor and the blogger behind Cville Fashion. She had already scoped out the market early in the day and was able to steer us away from the paraffin wax lady (no, I don't want to stick my hand in goo that's been used by hundreds of others, thanks) and towards the best samples. She also led me to Andrea Danner-Schultz and an impulse purchase.

This might sound silly, but I thought the colors were perfect for the kitchen and the size might be right for covering up the traditional phone jack that sits a eye level on the far wall. See it?

It is the perfect size and color...but the phone jack is in a strange place and the painting needs company on that wall to look right. I put the painting over the jack and used a bottle opener to keep it in place to get a feel for what it would look like.

It doesn't work.

Option 1: Live with the jack and find another place for the painting.

Option 2: Buy more paintings. The artist has some smaller versions for sale in her Etsy store.

Option 3: Frame the painting and center it in the space. It'll look better and might still cover the phone jack.

What do you think?


  1. I think that painting is really cute. I'd go with Option 2 or 3 (preferably 2). I think a little group of paintings would look great there. I like the idea of framing it too, but I'm not sure that a frame would really cover the jack if it were centered on that wall.

  2. I love that painting. As in, I want one for myself. Badly! :)

    I think the painting would look best on its own, centered on that wall. I feel like making a grouping would detract from its' awesomeness.

    No one uses house phones anymore. Why not remove the jack, and drywall up the hole? That's an awful place for the jack, anyway. If a new owner wants a phone jack, they can have one installed. Preferably in a less awkward spot.

    If you don't want to remove it, then just paint it to match the wall?
    I'm being blunt and opinionated. Hope you don't mind. :)

  3. It looks like an issue of scale. Even in a frame, the painting would be too small for the space. I recommend a grouping of 3 (total). It is a lovely painting, though!

  4. It seems to me that painting the jack-plate the same color as the wall would make it disappear. It's too close to the door for anything to look right over it. I am wondering if the jack could be "turned around" so that it is in the laundry room, but that would mean electrical and drywall expenses and work.

  5. Buy more paintings! a little display of 4 would be adorable!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  6. Paint over the phone jack and hang in the painting in a grouping of 2 or 3.

  7. I agree, paint over the phone jack! My Mom always does this and it makes such a difference. The switchplates are barely noticeable and its an easy fix. Just lightly sand the switchplate first, then paint... and voila!

    I also think you're going to find that purchasing more art is going to (A) get expensive and (B) still not be exactly what you want. I don't like that the art sits so close to the moulding with so much blank space to the right of it. Keep this piece and center it on the wall, a little higher up and just paint the switchplate.

  8. Options 1 & 2! It's such a cool painting, and I think you can make it look better somewhere else in the apartment. Buying more of them could also look great depending on where you put it (a larger space and get them in different sizes to make a cluster).
    I like the idea of painting over the jack as well. It worked for your air intake cover thingy (I'm sure there's a better term for that and I'm just naive to it).

  9. Remove jack if possible; patch and paint. Picture too small for that wall - put elsewhere or prop on an easel somewhere. How about a mirror on that wall?

  10. I think I would do a group of four similar paintings. 2 over 2. Same size, same color ranges, same artist. It's a bit small to be on it's own and a group of them would look purposeful and really fill out the space.

  11. Love the painting and think it will look great in your kitchen but not thrilled with the idea of framing it and putting it on that wall, especially since the cabinet door knob may hit it. I used a rather large painting to cover a huge fuse box in our kitchen and constantly hit it with the microwave door that is mounted above our stove. I agree with everyone else on painting the phone jack and displaying it somewhere else or even a little bit higher on that wall. It's a lovely piece of art and I'm definitely going to check out her other pieces on Etsy.


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