Your assistance, please

Remember Nate Day? Back then, I posted this picture:

My aunt really liked that lamp, but I couldn't find any source information for it. I even emailed Nate about it, hoping one of his assistants would write back. No dice.

Yesterday, I saw a commercial for a new movie called Life As We Know It and I saw a similar lamp.

I thought that the lamps might be related and went searching for them. The lamp from the movie is Suzanne Kasler's quatrefoil floor lamp. I found it at Circa Lighting (for $630!).

For the life of me, I can't find the first lamp. Can anyone help? Does anyone know where that lamp from Nate's portfolio can be found?


  1. I have no idea, but a $630 lamp is outrageous. I hope the one you're looking for is cheaper!

  2. I believe it is the Poillerat Oval Floor Lamp from Mattaliano...
    Good Luck!!

  3. Oh boy, I like them both. Good luck with your search!

  4. I saw it on the Sara Story portfolio web site

  5. Here's another one...


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