Who else is living small?

I know you're out there. I know there are other people in the Charlottesville area who are living small, but living stylishly. Where are you?

I promise you that there's a reason I'm asking. I promise that you won't regret it.

If you're out there, won't you drop me a line?

Photo courtesy of Anne Riley


  1. Hi Jeannine! Thanks so much for your comment :) I'll actually be in Fairfax. I don't know the area at ALL but need to get out there and meet people. I'm sure I'll be asking you for resources!! BEst, Emily

  2. Hm, I now sure I qualify in either category, but I think that little house is too cute!

  3. Different subject...we just repainted our study and because of all the raving from your blog about Aura paints, we bought that. The painter originally did not want to use it (we supplied the paint, so it was not a cost issue to him). I would like to report that you have made additional converts. The painter loved working with it, and our room looks great.
    Now that we have such nice looking walls we have to replace the Hunter Douglas shade . Does it ever end?

  4. Oh I wish we were living smaller, but not yet, not with two children in the house. Our next house, however, will be considerably smaller...

  5. We've been raising four children and two dogs in a 1600 square foot house. That's 266 square feet per person, although now that my oldest is away at school, we have a little more room. I like it that I am forced to keep our possessions to a minimum and I like the creative challenge of living with so little space. We can afford a bigger house now, but I prefer to stay here.

  6. Well, now that you've been in our house, you know we're living small. But we've lived smaller. When Briton was little we lived in a 300 sq ft apartment, so 100 sq feet a piece (or really 298 square feet for the 2 year old boy and a foot a piece for the adults) Now that was livin small!

  7. Well as you know, since we're in the same complex, I'm living small! Can't say I'm living that stylishly, but we make out alright over here. Once I give the place a thorough cleaning (getting there) and get the carpets steamed, we need to have you guys over!


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