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For a year now, my blog has been pretty plain. I had a header I made using an image of some wallpaper and not much else going on, design wise, on the page. There were times when I was tempted to hire someone to help me make things a little more appealing visually, but I put it off.

Until last May. I saw a few blog designs I loved and decided to plunk a deposit down with a pretty popular blog designer. The waiting list had me getting a new design in August. I sort of forgot about the whole thing and figured I'd just worry about colors and patterns when my name came up on the list.

But it never came up. In mid-August, I read Joi's post about her experience trying to get a new blog design. She abandoned her deposit with the same designer I had wanted to work with and she found Lindsey of Sweet Simplicity Designs. I loved how Joi's blog looked and I immediately sent Lindsey a deposit.

Lindsey has been an absolute dream to work with. Her packages are simple, her prices are downright modest, and she's patient with even the most clueless client (me) who can't make up their mind about colors, fonts, patterns, etc.

Here's what she came up with:

Click through to see the whole design. I love it, love it, love it!

I'm also impressed that Lindsey stopped taking deposits when she had 10-15 clients on her list. Smart.

If you're in the same boat as I am, keep and eye on Lindsey's site and jump on the chance to work with her when she starts taking new client names.

By the way, there are 72 people on the original designer's waiting list (40 from my name down). Including me, that's $1,825 in non-refundable deposits.


  1. i love it, jeannine! i meant to comment the other day when i first saw it.
    it's so pretty.

  2. I love it too. It sounds like the original designer has a scam going on with not delivering and then pocketing the deposits. It might be something the consumer protection board and state District Attorney might be interested in. That's a lot of money for a deposit.

  3. It looks amazing!! I love the background.

  4. Oh I love it! Looking good!

    And I can't believe that other designer. I hate to think someone is intentionally scamming people but that's pretty blatant to not deliver like that.

  5. Thanks for the great write-up! I'm glad you love the design!

  6. It looks gorgeous. That's too bad about your first experience though. At least your story has a happy ending!

  7. I love the combination of colors and the curly 'C' in that font looks fantastic!

  8. Lindsey knocked it out of the park again! She is phenomenal. Glad we {you and me!} were able to network and find a quality, talented, and honest blog designer.

    : D

  9. It looks so great! Good choice! I have had a similar experience recently with some changes I had wanted to make. =)

  10. I checked out her site and really think this is the best of her work!

  11. It's beautiful! Very elegant and classic!


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