Some outlets are still outlets!

About a year ago, I saw a runner runner at William Sonoma that I really loved. It was linen with blue and white flowers embroidered on it. I didn't own any runners, but I thought it could be my first. Unfortunately, at $79, I wasn't going to buy it. I never saw it go on sale and it was gone from the store pretty quickly.

This picture from the catalog doesn't do it justice.

Cut to last week when I was in Northern Virginia for work. On a whim, I went to the Leesburg Corner Outlets one night. I couldn't believe by eyes when I found a stack of runners in the clearance section of the William Sonoma store. I was almost giddy at the price.

I had pretty much written off outlets because most seem to just carry a separate line of items that have been made just for the outlet. For the last few years, the J.Crew, Ann Taylor, or Banana Republic outlets haven't been all that exciting to shop in for me. I don't think the items in those outlets have never seen the inside of a retail store. Have you felt the same way?

I guess the home stores are still using their outlets!


  1. What a great find! I guess it was your lucky day!
    We don't have outlets in my town , but sometimes Williams-Sonoma goes down very low with their prices. I just got 2 runners from them for $2.99 each!
    Love sales!

  2. I agree, outlets are generally a waste of time. Sub-par quality at only slightly cheaper prices. There is a Pottery Barn outlet in SC that does seem to sell first quality goods are somewhat discounted prices (the deals are hit and miss).


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