Sneak peek into the Four Seasons in St. Louis

While watching Top Chef Desserts, I realized that I never shared pictures from a recent trip to St. Louis! There's a Top Chef tie in...I'll get to that later.

I was in St. Louis for a conference for work, so my pictures are limited to a few shots I thought to take while in the hotel. A colleague and I got a crazy deal on a hotel room at the Four Seasons. I'm afraid to type the room rate we got...$110. People were paying more at the Holiday Inn.

At that rate, I assumed our view would be of empty lots and warehouses. Get ready...this was the view:

The view. Awesome.

We had no time to really enjoy that.

The room was modern, which isn't typical for Four Seasons...from what I hear. I've never stayed in one before.

That's thinly ribbed silk fabric with chocolate brown velvet on top.

This is a small thing, but every room had a doorbell. It's a nice touch. You never heard room service staff or maids knocking on doors.

Even the hallways were pretty.

By the elevator

Unfortunately, that's it for my pictures. Here are a few official ones from the Four Seasons site.

The odd thing was that you entered on the first floor, but the check-in desk was on the 8th. Rooms were on the 9th-19th floors. Between the 1st and 8th floors were the ballrooms, spa, etc.

This is the mirror image of our room, though we had two beds.
Not what I expected from the Four Seasons!

The bathrooms were larger than most people's bedrooms.

We ate here one night. The food was fine, but the view was awesome.

Now, for the Top Chef tie in. Look who I rode the elevator with at one point:

Hubert Keller! I love him on Top Chef (he might be one of the few judges who has been on every season in some capacity). Unfortunately, my brain didn't work quickly enough to let me chat him up in French.


  1. Wow! That's a gorgeous hotel. Not a bad way to spend a business trip!

  2. wow this hotel is very cool and nice. so saw I want to feel comfortable hotel.
    thanks for sharing

  3. Oh wow~ that is fantastic. And that rate is. . . well, insane.


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