Snakes on a wreath

This is one scary wreath. I kind of wish I had used the base wreath that's a bunch of branches instead of the straw, but maybe I'll do that next year.

This was super easy to do. I attached the large snakes (from a dollar store) to the wreath using silver, floral wire (bought a spool of it years ago and it's still going strong) and used a glue gun to attached the smaller snakes. I originally tried to paint plastic snakes, but the paint never dried. I finally settled on clear, glow-in-the-dark snakes. They'll never glow in this wreath (there's a light near by), but because they're clear, they just pick up the color of the wreath under them.

I'm searching for some wide, black ribbon with wire it it to make a bow for the top because I think the wreath needs a little something. A bit, silky bow will be a funny juxtaposition to the snakes, don't you think?


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