Preservation Piedmont House Tour, Part 3

I thought I'd use the weekend to show you the last of the pictures I took at the Preservation Piedmont House Tour.

The first house we visited was an old craftsman. It was neat to see some old craftsman details in the house. The real surprise came in the yard. Keep scrolling!

The bathrooms had really modern fixtures. I usually like it when people mix modern and traditional, but I wasn't so sure about this. What do you think?

I was so tempted to fix that light.

Now the yard. First up...the massive koi pond, which had a huge grate over it so you could walk on it.

This is in the middle of the city. I'm shocked! Keep in mind, the work is ongoing here.

The property cuts clearly through a block, so the house is on 2nd Street and the backyard stretches from the house to 1st Street. It's amazing that no one was tempted to sell the back half of the property off when people started returning to downtown in a big way.


  1. Hi there - Your instincts are correct. We actually looked at this house twice, once when it was on the market four years ago and again when it was on the market about a year ago. Both times they had two prices, one with the attached back yardage and another if you just wanted the house and a little of the propery behind it. Enjoying your blog!

  2. Jeannine, thanks for posting on my blog the great photos of the Piedmont House Tour in Cville.  It brought back memories of all the cool houses!  Can't wait until the tour this Oct.   


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