Preservation Piedmont House Tour, Part 2

On Monday, I gave you a sneak peek into Gillian's home, which was part of Preservation Piedmont's 2010 House Tour. Today, I'm going to share a few pictures from another home on the tour. It shouldn't surprise you that a master woodworker lives in this home. Joseph Hoskins and his family live here. Hoskins makes furniture for his company, JPH Woodworks. He's also a native Bostonian (okay, really Cambridge), which made me smile.

Okay, on to the house. I'm not going to show you what it looks like from the front, just in case one of you is overwhelmed with the awesomeness and goes on a lusty rampage. However, here's a picture of the detail on the front porch. Pretty nice, huh?

Marc lived down the street from this house for years and watched as they added on to the original structure with this spectacular addition. Here's a picture of the addition from the back. Though totally different in style, doesn't it tie into the original structure beautifully?

Look at those great windows!

I only snapped a few pictures inside. These lovely people opened their homes to the public, but I didn't want to plaster every inch of their private space on the web.

I just love barn doors! Those stairs go up to the playroom and guest bedroom.

Have you ever seen such fantastic wood work on a concrete floor? Oh, and the wine fridge looked like it was being used as a kid fridge. :)

There was so much great detail!

That's the door into the shower...which was a whole room.

Don't you love these steps in the backyard?

We all love those tiny's one for the kids in the backyard!

The window into the play house

The play house's porch decor

Even their smoker was unexpectedly cool

Okay, get ready. This is a little detail, but a fabulous one.
The kids have a pulley line from their bedroom to their play set!

Correction: the pulley line goes from the Hoskins girls' bedroom to the play set in Gillian's yard. Gillian told me that they didn't bother putting a fence between the houses since it would be climbed constantly. I'm going to show you something else these families share tomorrow.

What kid wouldn't LOVE this?!?


  1. wow -- that is one spectacular house!!
    thanks for posting.
    i'm so bummed i didn't make it to one c'ville event this past weekend! :(
    crozet arts festival was going on too.

  2. isn't their house great? And just FYI, the Hoskins have purchased a house on Locust which they are renovating now so the house they are in currently will be going up for sale in about a year! We're bummed to loose such great neighbors and are hoping for a family with kids.

    The pulley is fun. Originally we were going to have it go from our kids room to their kids room but it was too far, so we went from our play set (it's hard to tell, but that is actually our yard :)) to the kids window. It get's a lot of use!

  3. The woodwork stuff is awesome, but my inner kid (who will never grow up)is even more excited by the fun setup for the kids. :)

  4. The detail and woodwork is beautiful! And they did such a great job with the additions. Oh and the cottages are priceless, I want one!

  5. This is a terrific house! Love the grounds, too!


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