Preservation Piedmont House Tour, Part 1

Marc and I had a great time peeking into the homes in the neighborhood just north of Charlottesville's Downtown Mall this weekend. There was a huge variety and I snapped a few pictures here and there to share with you.

At the start of the tour, I knew we'd be stopping at Gillian's house (Gillian writes Dried Figs and Wooden Spools), but after the first few houses, I sort of forgot and started just getting immersed in the current home we were visiting.

When we got to the second to last house, we were met with this:

Beep! Beep! A blogger lives here!

Of course, my blog-dar was going off big time at the sight. The Junior Leaguer who was volunteering in the house pointed out (in a slightly astonished voice) that the books "aren't sorted by subject, but by color!" and said it was something she had never seen.

The blog-dar beeped again when I saw this:

MCM chair + artfully placed gallery on mantle + wood placement in fireplace

This must be Gillian's house!

Then I went around the corner and there it was. The Design Sponge and Apartment Therapy kitchen. I wanted to hug it. Check out the before pictures on Gillian's blog. You'll be stunned.

I can't believe this, but I didn't take any pictures of Gillian's dining room. But hey, you can see it on her blog. You can also see the awesome bug cut outs she made and framed for the sideboard. What a perfect Halloween craft!

The last room we went into was the office, which I've seen in various incarnations on Gillian's blog. Here's how it looked on Saturday:

There's so much awesomeness on one wall here, isn't there? You can see better pictures and much more detail on this post Gillian wrote about the storage in the office and this one about the three different work stations in the room (both Gillian and her husband work at home) and some of the stuff on the walls. Oh, and don't miss the post about that funky hanger wreath.

While we were in the office, Gillian actually came home! In true blog dork fashion, I hugged her, even though I never met her before. I guess the fact that I've seen her home, her projects, and news about her family over the last two years made me feel like I knew her.

There are more posts to come about the house tour. Check back tomorrow for another awesome house!


  1. And now I'm inspired to work on some projects around my house!

    I love the fact that you hugged her even though you'd never met her before. I do the same thing!

  2. Well, now you're just asking for a hug when I meet you!

  3. What a pretty kitchen. I am saving that for inspiration files!

  4. I'm envious of the shelves. One of these days, I'll have something more than just a 3' x 3' bookcase. :)

  5. I was so glad I came home when you were there! Thanks for the love! Next year you'll have to be on the tour so I can see your house!!

  6. And PS! I thought I was the blog dork going for the random hug too :) SO glad we finally "met"!

  7. Thank you for posting this! It is amazing!


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