I've been reading up on real estate photography and the biggest suggestion is to step back and show perspective. To test the idea out, I did a little shoot of my bedroom. What do you think? I think it looks much better than the last set of pictures I shared.

I don't think I've ever shared a shot this wide in the bedroom. That's partly because I'm embarrassed to show the Pottery Barn picture ledge over on the far wall. It's kind of a remnant from my pre-design blog days, when I actually read the Pottery Barn catalog like a magazine.

If (and that's a big if) I were to sell this place, what should I change? I realize the monogrammed pillows and the family pictures should go. Anything else?

Forgive me for not ironing the sheets.

Thanks to my fancy, new camera, I can actually show you the bedroom in relation to the rest of my place. I took this picture while standing next to the bar that separates the kitchen from the dining nook and living room.

Look who showed up while I was taking pictures.

Surly, any pictures being taken must be of me, right?


  1. GREAT pictures!!!

  2. The photos are great! Baxter cracks me up :)

  3. I think the shots are great. I wouldn't worry about taking down the family photos from the ledge for the pictures you're taking - I think they look nice. But I would take them down if you're showing the condo.

    I do agree with removing or flipping over the monogrammed pillows. And just tuck in the cases to the middle pillows.

    I like that the room is pristine! I like that the view from your bedroom window is shown, that you notice the ceiling fan, that there's enough room for such a large bed with tables on each side and even an arm chair.

    If the closet's big, I'd like to see a photo of that, but if not, then just skip it. I'd also like to see what the wall to the right looks like...but it's not totally necessary.

    If you have a hallway light, I'd turn it on for your third photo while shutting the door to whatever is to the right. The bathroom? Just so you don't see the hinges. Not that seeing them is a bad thing, I just know you're trying to make your photos absolutely perfect. ;)

  4. Oh yeah, from your linked post...retake photos 3 and 5. The lighting is a bit harsh in #5. But good job not showing the SUV in that one. ;)

  5. There's no light in that hallway. Isn't that a bummer?

    The Baxter photos won't be making it into a listing, that's for sure!

  6. BAXTER!!!

    Flip the bedding so that the neutral is on the bed and the red is folded at foot. An easy way to neutral it up a bit for a showing.

    Another trick, keep a set of new puffy pillows with your pillowcases perfectly ironed on them nearby for showings. Use another (older) set for sleeping on.

    Happy weekend, Miz J.!

  7. It looks fabulous! Gosh, I love your place. Forget YHL, you need to go on a TV show! :)

  8. Great pics!! Now that you've had your camera for a bit what do you think?? I still haven't taken the plunge. I thought about you the other day and wondered how you were getting along with it.


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