Patio rehab

Very early in my blogging career, I shared a terrible DIY project. It was so bad that I only posted a teeny, tiny picture of what I had done.

I tried to paint a pattern onto my patio. Without the aid of a stencil, the result was horrible. Neighbors were kind enough not to comment on the disaster.

Over a year later, the patio was filthy and the bad paint job was still there. Yesterday's visit from a Charlottesville shelter magazine inspired me to get the porch back to normal. First, I swept and scrubbed. That didn't do much.

Then I used something along the lines of OxyClean that I picked up at the Blue Ridge EcoShop a while back.

Ew. The patio was terrible. What was I thinking?

With a bit of elbow grease and some concrete paint, I had it looking like this within a few hours:

Clean slate! Now what? Should I leave it like this or go to Sunny's and get a fun stencil for the center?


  1. Sunny's GTP has some great stencils so I say try again! After all, as you know, you can always paint over it! :)

  2. Looks nice all clean. I am not sure about the stencil. I like the English courtyard look myself. Love your blog! I must be blind, i don't see where to click to follow.

    Amy R.

  3. I like it looking clean like this, actually. Maybe just get a fun graphic outdoor rug? That is less commitment than paint :)

  4. maybe no stencil if your still selling, just saying.

  5. I say leave it. I like the clean and polished look - especially (to Bri's point) if you're selling.

  6. Love it just the way it is. Keep it simple. I'm posting tomorrow about my back patio, and it will include a link to a totally awesome outdoor rug that I got and LOVE!

  7. I say skip the stencil and just leave as is. So much easier to put a fresh coat of paint on when it gets gross, and not so busy. Although one big stencil in the middle would look nice. Well, I'm obviously no help at all! haha

  8. I love that it's clean too! Looks great!


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