More perspective: the living room

Once again, I thought I'd show some pictures that will give you an idea of how the different parts of my place come together.

Your critical eyes are needed once again. I'm in the very, very early stages of thinking about selling my condo. I'm kind of torn...I've put some much into this place and I'm proud of the upgrades I have done. However, I could see myself moving on in the next year or so.

So, what would you keep and what would you change about this space?

Do you think the long wall, where the sofa is, needs something else? What about the wall where the TV is? I'm a bit of a minimalist (except when it comes to pottery, I guess), so I personally like the walls, but I don't know how they "show" to a visitor.

You can't tell that a dog lives here, can you? His mat and toy box are in the corner under the HVAC return (thank goodness you all convinced me to paint that thing).

If I sell, Olivia the sheep has to come down for the listing photos, doesn't she. Might she be too awesome and distracting for the MLS?


  1. Your living room is gorgeous! I love all the touches of blue that pop. If you decide to sell your house, I wouldn't add anything and I would definately leave Olivia on the wall (as long as the buyers know that she doesn't "come with"!). Now I have to go back and look at the photos some more. Inspiring!

  2. Your home looks beautiful, and I personally wouldn't change anything. Whomever you choose as a broker will be the best person to advise you as to what sells best in your market. So, will you stay in C'ville?

  3. Looks amazing! I personally would not add anything to the walls, because I think it would be to much and make the space appear small. Where did you get the rug? I might have to copy you! You really have done an excellent job

  4. Your place is gorgeous! I don't think I would change anything. Especially the wall behind the TV, because I would rather not have anything above the TV that would distract the eye while watching. I wish my place were that pretty and clean, want to decorate mine? :)

  5. I agree- I wouldn't change anything. Supposedly, potential buyers like to be able to mentally add their own stuff to your house, which is why less is more. The perspective is really nice, too. It's really frustrating when looking for a place online, and it seems like they're showing you their furniture instead of the house!

  6. I wouldn't change anything either. I think your place is fabulous just the way it is.

  7. Nope I think it looks great as it is doesn't need anything else.

  8. Jeannine,

    The condo looks great! I can tell where you live, too, which helps me come up with my thoughts!

    I think it looks very nice, you see no signs of pets, the paintings can stay, and I wouldn't add any more on those walls- less is more (and photographs better too). If you're messing with perspective, you might try to take some shots from squatting position/from the ground. Some rooms will really look much more expansive that way!

    As for the granite- careful with how much more you spend on these upgrades if you're actually considering selling soon! They're beautiful, FOR SURE, and they are certainly bringing you personal enjoyment, but they are not bringing back the ROI most people would like to see! Your neighborhood has a lot of inventory so you're competing w/a lot of units!


  9. Overall, I think it's gorgeous -- very elegant and just lovely to behold.

    Having bought three houses over the years, I know what I'm looking for when I go into a house. If I were a potential buyer, I'd probably want to see a little less stuff -- pottery, books, personal photos, etc. And definitely don't add anything to the TV wall. While I personally can (and have) seen past unbelievable clutter and bad decorating decisions and bought a house, most people cannot, so make it easy for them.

    I would also suggest hiding some of the pup's toys and whatnot when you finally put your place on the market. I know it will be challenging to manage, but not all people are dog people and for some folks obvious doggy-ness in a home is a deal breaker. (Luckily, you don't have wall-to-wall carpeting, so that helps a lot.)

  10. Just lovely! Can you tell me what color paint you used? Good luck~

  11. Sure! It's Benjamin Moore's Smoke and I used Aura paint.


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