McMansions are out...can we lose the oversized furniture now?

It took all this time for me to see the not-so-new Restoration Hardware furniture in person. I have been a pretty big fan of RH in the past and thought this line was pretty attractive when I saw it online and in the catalog. In person, however, I think most of the stuff is just plain ridiculous.

The scale of this furniture is huge. There isn't a stick of it that would fit in my home. The lamps in this picture were taller than most people in the store. The sofa was so deep that my legs would have stuck straight out if I sat back in it. I would look like the clown from The Comfy Couch, a scary children's show that one of the little girls I used to babysit loved to watch.

The odd thing is that because everything in this photo is HUGE, it all looks really normal. Sorry, Resto. You lost me of this collection. Scale it down and I might be on board.

Did you like this stuff when you saw it in person? Maybe I was just tired when I went into the store and wasn't giving it a fair chance.


  1. richmond?
    i was there about three weeks ago and couldn't agree more. the only thing in the store that i liked was the bedding (i guess i can say that now!) and the cashmere pillows.
    the furniture was scaled for giants! i'll bet we'll see things scaled way down for their next go-round.

  2. Even in that photo those lamps look ginormous. I actually like oversized sofas (all the better for dogs to snuggle with me!) but rooms are only so big! You can't oversize everything!

  3. I hadn't been to RH in a while, and when I stopped in recently I was so surprised at the difference. Not only is everything oversized, but there are so few items out for sale. They used to have more smaller items so we can get a RH fix without spending too much! :) The furniture reminds me of Arhaus which is in the Short Pump mall here in Richmond. one piece would monopolize any of my rooms.

  4. I agree. While i have a fairly large home and our finished basement is HUGE I could never fit this crap in the living room which is a bummer because I really love some of their sofas especially the Chesterfield.


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