Shop Tour: Martha's Market 2010

This past weekend was pretty packed! I've already written about the Preservation Piedmont House Tour (and I have more picture to share with you this afternoon from that), but we also went to Martha's Market at John Paul Jones Arena at UVa. Martha's Market has been happening for years...vendors come from all over the eastern US to set up shop for a few days at UVa. Some profits are donated to support a variety of services provided by Martha Jefferson Hospital.

I honestly haven't gone to Martha's Market before. I was pretty sure I knew what I'd see...and for the most part, I was right. There was a lot of fancy popcorn and cake, plenty of monogrammed merchandise, jewelry, and some home stuff (lots of silver serving pieces).

I was actually pleasantly surprised by the home stuff and I even bought a necklace (totally enabled by Marc...he's the best wing man for a shopper).

I personally thought a lot of the silver was over priced...but perhaps that's so the vendors can donate to the charitable fund?

I'm sure Eddie Ross could have found some sort of treasure in here, but I didn't. I overheard someone say "here's a J" but I think they took the stack. Oh well. I'm not really a silver collector and don't really have the space to become one!

Is it odd that I thought of Meg from Pigtown Designs when I saw the knives below?

Here's the jewelry "shop" where I bought my necklace. Mine is a double strand of white, flat pearls (freshwater?). I have to admit that I don't really know what they are called, but I've wanted them for quite some time. The vendor is called Island Pearl and she was very nice. Her jewelry was in the swag bag that was given out at the Oscars this year (those bags are pretty massive, from what I hear).


  1. Oh, if they're flat round and white they're called coin pearls. I love coin pearls!

  2. Beautiful pieces and I love your new layout!

  3. So jealous! Love all the paisley you got going on btw! :)

  4. Dear..if you think that the silver pieces were "overpriced" really don't understand what you are looking at...go price NEW staineless at "Crate and Barrel".....then compare...there were some good deals there...and 15% goes right to the charity... 


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