A lightening fast decision

I'm not the most decisive person, but thinking about possibly putting my condo on the market in the next year or so has me being much more objective about my place.

The idea of picking counter tops for my kitchen has been pretty overwhelming for the last year. On Saturday, I just decided that it was time to get it done. That's been the biggest "to do" item on my list and I want to check it off soon.

Personally, I like white-on-white kitchens. If I had my way, I'd have marble counters. However, I realize that the average person is afraid of marble. Even though there is marble in Europe that is older than our country, people seem to think it's too fragile for them.

After watching a lot of HGTV and looking at real estate listings, I realized that buyers seem almost programed to want granite and stainless steel appliances. So, off to the granite stores I went. I really liked Absolute Black granite when I saw it in the first store. However, the sales guy said that most people like granite with more movement in it and the couple I watched shop backed that up. There was no way I was going for something swirly...I have to live with it after all. There was one option that had a little more going on than the Absolute Black and it was just a wee bit less expensive.

Meet Impala Black granite.

Impala Black granite against Benjamin Moore Smoke

Impala Black granite against Benjamin Moore Secret




I'm pretty meh about it, but the laminate is terrible. It has to go!


  1. J~
    I think it is a perfect fit for both colors!
    Go for it!

  2. For a purchase like this, it would be good if you were more than "meh" about it; however, if you think you can live with it for a year or so, go for it.

  3. We're doing the same thing right now, pondering granite for a new bath vanity. All I can say it that its hard!

    I don't think you can go wrong with the black -- pretty basic/classic and most people will like it.

  4. I also love absolute black and don't like a lot of movement, but I don't think you can go wrong with what you chose. I think it looks great against what you already have in there.

  5. Since you are only going to be living with it for a year, and it goes great with those two colors, I think you should go for it!

  6. I hate granite for our kitchen we are contemplating concrete although when selling you really have to go with what sells, that granite goes well with your wall color though si for me.

  7. We went with an almost black granite because the original choice was out-of-stock when we went to purchase and everything else was already in progress so we needed a color that would work with the cabinets/tile. I regret not just stopping work to wait for the original granite or check out other stores (we just went to the one place the contractor took us to). In a smallish kitchen without a lot of light, I feel it was a mistake. Plus, I see on the HGTV shows that more medium colored granite seems to be preferred. A broker can be your best friend as to what to do. Good luck.

  8. I don't like a lot of movement in stone and personally like Absolute Black, but I'm not a typical buyer, either. My first choice in countertops is soapstone, though. You might want to figure out who want to list the property with, and then ask a broker from the firm for his/her advice. They know your market and will be able to tell you what buyers in C-Ville expect!

  9. Go for it. I agree, it does look better than the laminate.

  10. While I'm meh about it, I think the general population would love it (i.e. resale power!). I'm also the girl who has laminate in her kitchen until we can afford to do a whole kitchen overhaul so......I say go for it b/c it really does look fab w/ what you already have going on in your kitchen.

    LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG LOOK!!!! Perfection!

  11. I have this in my kitchen. I decided to get this on the counters and also on the backsplash. But doing so makes my kitchen kind of dark and wish I went with tiles on the backsplash. However, I wanted the ease of cleaning and no grout lines.

    I also have absolute black in some restrooms and it is a pain to keep clean because toothpaste drips, soap shows up. The Impala hides this better. Mine has little blue specks in it so it adds some change for a flat black.

  12. You know I'm not a stainless & granite girl....but I can tell you that we put it in our home (our former one before we moved a year ago). We did kasmir white granite. Our home sold at the first showing. If you are going to sell I would SO do granite.

  13. I'm a little meh with granite in general, though am very on board with the white cabinet/dark counter (obviously, looking at my own kitchen!!). I think your choice is a great compromise and agree that people are programmed to look for stainless + granite! Yay for making decisions!


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