Help a sister out

Do you all know Joi from Nuestra Vida Dulce? You should if you don't. She's super nice. She has a cute house in St. Louis. She's the one who turned me on to Lindsey, the blog designer behind this lovely blog (Sweet Simplicity Designs, yo).

Joi is a FINALIST in a big contest being sponsored by St. Louis Magazine. It would be super cool if the blogsphere united and voted for her. If she wins, she'll get her space photographed by a professional and a spread in the magazine (eek!), some gift cards, and a three year subscription to the magazine. Dood. She needs that subscription. R. Schieder most certainly does not need it. He needs a bigger boat.

Mosey on over the STL Magazine Living Space of the Year site and please vote for Finalist #1, J. Svezia. All you need to do is put your name and an email address (if you're like me, you have a junk email account for this sort of thing) in the box before hitting the vote button.

I stole this image from Joi's blog...make my crime worth it. Vote!


  1. just voted! i hope she wins, cause she's the one out of those three that deserves to!!

  2. J! You are amazing!!! Your post was so sweet---thanks so much! I ♥ my blogger buddies!!


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