The Cville Design House...the next chapter

Victoria Pouncey's bedroom

I posted quite a few entries about the 2010 Charlottesville Design House last spring. After years without a design house in this little city, the Shelter for Help in Emergency bought the concept back in a big way and a slew of fantastic, local designers pitched in to transform a slightly awkward house into an interesting, and relatively cohesive house (an oddity for a design house!).

"Man Cave" by Rebecca Bell Nordin

Kathy Davies' parlor

As you may remember, a friend bought the house at the end of the design house week and even purchased some of the items the designers had brought in for the event.

Moyanne Harding's sunroom

I shared a few pictures from the house during different stages, from the MLS photos, to a few vignettes from the house, to "after" pictures taken once everyone went home.

Andrea Gibson's dining room

Living room by Tamara Lacy &Nancy Wardle of Interior Concepts

At some point, I'll post some pictures of the work that has been done since the design house looks like a totally different house!

Caroline MacDonnell-Minsky's bedroom

Anyway, if you're curious about the layout of the house and better pictures of what the designers did, there is a gallery on the website now.

Bathroom by Heidi Brooks

The hunt for the 2011 Design House has already begun. Instead of just posting about the design house when it actually happens, I thought I'd blog throughout the planning process this year, so you can see how these sorts of things come together. At times, I might ask you to weigh in on a few decisions, too! Are you game?

Gym by Pye Interiors

For now, mark your calendars for the 2011 Design House:

Saturday, April 30 - Sunday, May 15

All photos by Robert Radifera and from the Cville Design House website.
Forgive me for not remembering the designer behind each room!
More pictures and floorplans are in the gallery section of the site. Go check it out!


  1. I really like how you stay "in the know" about local design-related activities, events, etc. I think in the coming year I'd like to find out more about what's going on around me - not so much in DC, but in my smaller town and the local NoVa area.

    Are you part of the planning team for the Design House? Maybe I missed some info about that way back when.

  2. I wasn't involved in the 2010 Design House, aside from volunteering at the event itself. For a couple days, I was in the house answering questions and for one day, I drove the parking shuttle (which was a ton of fun!).

    I told the board members from SHE who organized the 2010 house that I would love to help with the next house and I got the call a few days ago. The committee I'm on will take care of the website, ads in local publications, and promotional materials (posters, cards, brochures, program, etc.).

    I've never been involved from this side of things, so it should be fun!

  3. Awesome!! That is definitely going to be a blast!


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