You get what you pay for

I know many people love the places, but dollar stores drive me nuts. I wrote yesterday about not finding any plastic snakes for my little Halloween wreath. Marc suggested that we go to a dollar store to find them since Michael's didn't have them. Ugh. I didn't have any other ideas, so off we went.

I found a few large snakes and packs of little ones at one of the Charlottesville dollar stores (I'm not sure of the name). I figured I'd spray paint them, let them dry overnight and then get on with making the wreath.

When I got home from work last night, I had a little problem on my hands. The spray paint on the little snakes was not drying. After a full 24 hours, they were sticky (not tacky...I could have dealt with tacky) and left paint on my fingers. There must be something about the cheap plastic that was used to make those snakes that is reacting with the spray paint. How frustrating!

Anyone know a brick and mortar store where I can find little, rubber snakes? Maybe I should try one of those pop-up Halloween stores?


  1. Try the toy sections of Walmart or Target. Also, Shenanigans or Alakazam.

    I've been working making putz houses for Christmas. It's been oddly relaxing to work on all those little houses and find mini supplies (trees, wreaths, etc.) to embellish them.

  2. I don't shop at dollar stores, but the internet is loaded with complaints, questions, and suggestions for painting rubber. Seems a lot of people had better luck with acrylic paint than spray paint. Might should have tried a flat paint first to coat it, then the more glossy (they look, at least, like you used glossy). It's a common trick to keep paint from flaking badly on metallic finishes, too.

    Good luck - it looks like it'll be cute!

  3. There is also Spirit-I think its in Albemarle Square. They used to be in Barracks Rd where the new Ulta is going.

  4. I some great rubber snakes at Toys R Us a year or so ago......good luck!

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