Wishful thinking

Have you ever been in a secondhand or consignment store and been totally shocked by prices? I went to Boston Consignment, a store for secondhand furniture over the weekend. The prices were so high that I started snapping pictures.

I wonder if you agree with the price tags or if you think someone has seriously wishful thinking at the store.

Oh look! Cane backed chairs. We see those on Craigslist all the time.

Guess how much a pair of those was.

Wait for it...


Here's a set of four dinner plates for $195. These are NOT Royal Copenhagen.
I literally laughed when I saw these.

This was the only item in the store I thought was remotely interesting...but not at that price.

I'm sure someone with too much money on their hands spent a lot of money on this desk.
It was going for $1875. Crazy pants.

Here's a table going for $1795. That's my mother's hand as she tries to point out how nice the wood is. She is not familiar with Craigslist. Poor thing.

There were 8-10 of these ridiculously huge, leather chairs in the place.
They are seriously huge...they could be used in a reproduction of Alice in Wonderland.
$850 each.

Here's an acrylic lamp with an asking price that might be higher than retail.
There was another one.

Absurd. This place is in an upscale Boston suburb. Is there really a market for these things?

Okay, this is cute.

Come on. For a twin headboard?

You don't even want to know how much these were.

$650 for this monstrosity

More stuff worth a fraction of the asking price.

Have you ever been into a place like this? Can anyone offer some insight? What are they thinking?


  1. That's CRAAAAAZY! My favorite are the used bottles of perfume from the late '80s for $90. Thanks for the great laugh, Jeannine!

  2. Jeez! That's insane. An acrylic lamp for $395 - they have those at every HomeGoods for $40. If it were crystal, maybe, but that's absurd!

  3. The acrylic lamp can be had at Target for 29.

  4. yeah it's called Craigslist here in Nashville. People have ruined it here for everyone else.

  5. That's a bit steep for the merchandise. The twin bed was really cute though.

  6. OMG. That is INSANE. I've seen that sort of thing before, in towns big and small. I think this officially falls into my category of "what the hell." :)

    Of course, rich people probably shop there (er, their designers do) and think they're so hip for buying used.

  7. There's a consignment/used furniture store on the Downtown Mall that usually has prices like that. I tend to only pop in and look when I see that they have great mid-century stuff and I have never once seen a piece of furniture that I felt was reasonably priced.

  8. I hate when places like these are overpriced!! I'll stick with my craigslist and kijiji ;)


  9. That really makes me wonder if
    a) these sellers are on drugs
    b) people really over spend that much on mediocre items?!

  10. Wow, that is some craziness! People must price their own items? What idiots.

  11. ROFL!!!! It's apparent they really don't want to sell a thing. Your description was hilarious!!

  12. 90 bucks for used perfume from the 90's! hahahaha. that made my day.

  13. Whoa! How do they ever sell any of that stuff?!? And that glass desk is fug.

  14. Oh yes, I have been there a few times. First time I went I was so excited to see what they had and if there were any treasures to be found. Wowza, was I in for a surprise. At first I thought I was on some hidden camera show because looking at all the prices I thought it was a joke. That place is so overpriced for sure.

  15. We had a friend who lived in Boston a few years ago. Housing was sky-high, so perhaps that affects
    other things, even if it shouldn't. That multi-layer opaque glass coffee table is available @ any number of furniture chains...and I'm sure all that perfume smells like alcohol now. I do like the wood table.

  16. The cologne is probably rancid by now.

  17. I must agree with you. Crazy. They're still in business though, so someone must shop there! I second Jane's comment- rich people probably feel hip for buying used pieces. I'll stick to Goodwill and CL.


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