Rug Shopping, Part 2a: Inspiration

Shopping for a few rug options for Marijean has been a lot of fun...especially because she sent me a few rugs that her husband suggested and they were all over the map, style wise! The first was a mordern-ish, two color rug by Safavieh. The second was very traditional with muted blues. The third was a solid colored rug with lots of texture. So, it seems like anything goes!

Marijean seems to like the idea of natural fibers, but the rug must be soft on the feet while also being study enough to withstand a puppy's inevitable chewing.

The paint on the walls is a neutral beige, the sofa upholstery is red, and the rest of the furniture is black or dark brown.

At first, I just went shopping, saving URLs as I went along. After a while, I decided to find a few inspiration pictures that might use the colors that will be in the room. For some reason, the HGTV Dream and Green Home teams love red sofas, so I found some inspiration pictures pretty easily.

This first picture might appeal the MJ's husband, who was attracted to a shaggy rug. It seems like a terrible idea if there's a puppy in the house, but there might be some less shaggy options out there, along the lines of the rug below, that still have a little texture.

HGTV Green Home 2010

I have a feeling MJ would like this combination. The natural fiber rug appeals to me, too. When I got my seagrass rugs, I thought they felt funny on my feet...kind of like a pair of Adidas flip flops that everyone used as shower shoes in college. Marc loved the feel of the seagrass on his feet, but I think jute might be a softer option.

HGTV Dream Home 2008

I had a picture in my mind of that red sofa with a navy or blue rug and went to DecorPad to track down something that would work. Interestingly, the rug in the picture below is owned by another Cville blogger! I'm pretty sure it's currently at the Pottery Barn outlet, too.

From DecorPad

Check back in a few hours and I'll have some possible options posted.


  1. Ahhh- rugs are such an important piece to the puzzle. Thankfully there are lots of options out there these days but I guess that can make it even trickier to choose!

    The picture from Decorpad is Emily A Clarks' living room - great blog / designer!! a fellow Charlottean blogger ;-)

    Happy Rug Hunting!!

  2. My go-to source for great rugs is CSN Rugs They have an amazing selection with even better prices! Their cool browse feature is super easy to use and they ship right to your door!


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