Rug shopping, part 1

I got a tweet last night from local blogging superstar Marijean Jaggers who is in need of a new rug for her living room. I'm going to do some online shopping tonight to put together a few options for her and will share them tomorrow.

There are already about five different websites in my head, which will serve as the starting point for this little search. Isn't the ease of this so amazing? What's more, for many of the popular, contemporary rugs out there, there's an affordable version available through Home Decorator's, Overstock, or another related website. We're so lucky.

I remember when the rug that's in my father's den was bought and the process was tedious. First, my mother went to an oriental rug sale at The Women's Club (it's just a function facility now, but it used to be a club, sort of like Junior League). Then, once she saw a few contenders, she went home to fetch my father, who spent a good amount of time in the Middle East and actually knows quite a bit about how good quality rugs are made. Then came the flipping. The most boring part of the ordeal. If you have ever had to sit through rug flipping, you know what I'm talking about.

Imagine standing around for that as a child. Imagine those guys having to stop every few moments so your father can crouch down to inspect the back side of half of those rugs. Imagine looking at the "rug guys" talking to each other in a foreign language and wondering if they are talking about how boring this entire exercise is.

When the flippers finish going through the stack, they start building it back up again. This is when your father is pretending not to like the rug he actually likes. When the wheeling and dealing starts, you decide to take a walk around The Women's Club to see if the kid's play room is open. It's not.

The rest of the evening is fuzzy, but at the end of it all, one of the rug guys walked home with us that night while rolling a hand truck that carried our new rug.

Pardon the babbling...the idea of rug shopping just brings back that funny memory.


  1. I'm planning to post on my rug shopping adventure which has just begun. :) Looking forward to seeing what you find!

  2. The rugs were the easiest part of our renovation. We started with them and actually loved the first one we saw, and then had a great salesman who got out 2 more that were complimentary to it. For me, fabric shopping was the worst.

    Good luck wit your search!

  3. Coincidentally I spent the best part of last night looking for rugs...thankfully online, in the comfort of my own home! There are so many options out there now.

    Actually, I went to ABC Carpet & Home this past weekend and was dissapointed that all the Madeline Weinrib rugs are stacked just as you describe. It was so tough to look through!


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