Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Revisiting the gallery

Over a year ago, I wrote about how I had spray painted some icky frames I had originally found at HomeGoods or TJ Maxx to hang in a little spot outside the bathroom. I called it "the gallery" back then, which was sort of a joke in light of how tiny my place is.

Yesterday, I did a quick sketch of a horse and realized that I never really mentioned that little gallery again except for a quick picture that I took around the time I switched to simpler frames. It's grown quite a bit since I had three little sketches in it.

This isn't the layout...I took these pictures individually and placed them all together.

More cheap art! Most of the frames are from Ikea or Target and the sketches are done on card stock or sketch paper. Anyone have some more simple art ideas? I have a huge living room wall with just one, large mirror on it. I'm thinking that it might need a little more personality.
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  1. Wow, did you say you did the sketches? You may have mentioned your art talent before but somehow I missed it. Good job!

  2. I'm a big fan of gallery walls. I'm working on one now that is mostly family photos (old and new), with a couple of other small things slipped in (a silhouette of one of my children, a small painting). I have mostly black frames with a few frameless frames in there.

  3. I didn't know you could draw! Those drawings are quite charming. I'll be interested to see the comments to your question as we have a similar issue.

  4. Taschen calendars are about $12 thru Amazon (the big rectangular ones) and have gorgeous art and are totally framable. I'm working my way through a parrot calendar. Parrots are all over my house!

  5. I love those drawings! You are really talented. I bougth a botanicals book that Jenny from Little Green Notebook recommended and just framed some pages in IKEA frames. The book was cheap ($7 including shipping) and the framed prints take up a whole wall in my living room. I plan on posting some photos soon. Here's Jenny's post for a link to the book:


    You may be able to find similar books in the clearance sections at Borders or B&N.

  6. Those sketches are fantastic - you have a real talent! The little fox is adorable. Great job. :) As for the wall, I like the idea of a gallery with lots of different sized frames of different textures, maybe arranged into a big square or rectangle. Orderly chaos, as I like to refer it as.

  7. This is so cute, I love the sketches!

  8. The cheap IKEA frames are a blessing--I'm often depressed about the cost of framing!


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