Okay, so maybe I'm a little crafty

My favorite line from a Shakespeare pay is "The lady doth protest too much!" and I think it applies to me right now. I can't count how many times I've insisted that I'm not crafty...before revealing some project. Maybe what I mean is that I'm not creative. I can execute a craft once I see it, but I don't come up with them on my own.

Case in point...

On page 54 of this month's Martha Stewart Living, there's a black wreath covered in plastic snakes that I think would be an awesome door decoration for Halloween, which is quickly becoming my favorite holiday for decorating. I wish I had a scanner or could find the picture on Martha's website, but I can't.

The wreath was black, but so is my front door. I decided to go with gray/silver for my version. I assumed I could get everything I needed at Michael's (wreath, spray paint, rubber snakes), but Michaels was out of snakes. Perhaps there are others doing projects like this? Marc suggested we go to a dollar store and sure enough, we found plenty there.

Here are the supplies assembled and undergoing inspection by The Bear:

Here's where we stand now. Marc was pushing for orange. While that would have gone over quite well in Charlottesville (UVa's colors are blue and orange), I thought orange, plastic snakes would look a little cheesy. I think the gray is looking okay so far.

Tomorrow night, I'll attempt to attach the snakes to the wreath. I might have to invest in a slightly better glue gun. The last time I made a wreath, my fingers almost fell off from using my $4 glue gun.


  1. This is going to look amazing. My mom has a halloween wreath that she made when I was a kid (she got the idea from a Better Homes and Gardens magazine), and I'm going to try to re-create it this year. It's the same kind of wreath you have, plus a little felt cat, witch, brrom, etc. Your post is reminding me how soon Halloween is coming, so I need to get a move on it!

  2. Oh wow. It looks great so far. Can't wait for the finished product!

  3. I love it! I'm planning to do a witch that has crashed into a tree. Hope it comes out as good as your project.

  4. 1. I like where this is going!

    2. I honestly said to myself this morning, "oh, it's the first day of wreath season (fall)." Looks like you're starting off wreath season with a bang!

  5. Ooooh me gusta! Can't wait to see it all assembled, love this idea!

  6. It's a brilliant idea especially that christmas is fast approaching..Hmm,, I want to try it...

  7. I came upon your post while searching the internet for a picture of the same wreath you saw (I had just turned to that page when the dentist called me and I had to put the magazine back down!). I too can not come up with my own ideas, but am great at reproducing someone else's stuff! I love the silver color....I checked my Michaels for the snakes today, and they didn't have any either! Now I know to check the dollar stores. I will also be attempting the flowers with bugs in the vase. Hope your wreath is as awesome as it looks like it will turn out!

  8. A snake wreath? How cute! (or should I say scary?)

    I don't thing you can get spray paint to stick on a soft rubber surface, you might need to get hard plastic ones for that ;) Hope you find better ones and I can't wait to see the wreath finished!

    xo Linda

  9. i'm working on the same project and using the exact same little snakes from the dollar store! But i've got a problem, once i spray painted them, they wont dry! its been a day and a half and i still get black on my fingers if i touch the little ones. Are you having the same problem? Any ideas to fix it?


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