Baxter by PVE Design

I'm sure you know and recognize Patricia van Essche's work. It's all over the design blogsphere. Her J. McLaughlin illustrations might come to your mailbox, too (follow the link and click on an address to see digital versions). Well, I'm over the moon that she offered to sketch my little bear, Baxter.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Patricia! I tried to sketch him myself a few times, but gave up.

Her house paintings are so beautiful that I kind of wish Baxter was out of the way and we could see more of the UVA Rotunda!


  1. Happy to do another one of the UVA Rotunda for you. Just shoot me some photos when you have a minute.
    Thanks for posting this and for your kind comments as well.

  2. Gorgeous! Baxter is so handsome.

    My husband David is in VA right now for a 10-day Civil war trip (this time by himself, as I am taking a solo holiday to visit family next week). In fact, he is just arriving at UVA to see the rotunda! Last time we were there a year ago we did not go up to see the rotunda. He loved UVA and bought a tshirt and loved the campus. He said it felt very familiar (like a past life sort of thing). I love his orange UVA tshirt and this time he wants another one!

    So very timely to see the rotunda.

    Patricia is very talented!

    xo Terri

  3. Its beautiful!! All of Patricias work is beautiful, she has such a talent and I wish I had even a quarter of that talent :)

  4. Awwww, I just love him! And the painting is pretty awesome too!


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