You like us, you really like us!

I used to think HGTV hated us.

Back before I started blogging, I posted on the HGTV message boards. Posting about blogs or linking to blogs wasn't permitted and perpetrators often found their posts deleted pretty swiftly. It was frustrating to see an emerging voice in the design world stifled (especially as print magazines were acknowledging our presence). Now, that was years ago. Obviously, things have changed quite a bit. HGTV now employs a number of bloggers, some of whom write their own, independent design blogs. They even have Lindsey Weidhorn, a staffer who often blogs about what happens behind the scenes at HGTV.

When the cast of this year's Design Star was announced and bios were posted, I was excited about one cast member in particular because she was blogging, but as you may remember I wouldn't put my thoughts out there.

I'll admit that after the first challenge, I thought they'd send her home, but thank goodness drama and pot stirring detracted from her work on that first challenge and another was sent home.

Around the same time, another Scrips Network, the Food Network, got their Next Food Network Star reality show going. Once again, I had a favorite, Aarti Squeira, the blogger.

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As the weeks went by and the bloggers made it through one challenge after another, I started wondering if the bloggers might actually come out on top. Well, last weekend, one did. Aarti's new show debuts this Sunday.

After Aarti's win, I started to think that maybe, just maybe, Design Star is going to end the way I hoped it would. I also started to think about last year's Design Star finale and how it appeared that the final two were picked with the winner already in mind. Sorry to say, but Michael making it through after using wall decals in his design made me think this might be happening again. Though he's fun to watch and clearly a good designer, the wall decals were bush league and didn't belong in his space.

What do you think? Is it time for the blogsphere to start celebrating?


  1. I need to catch up on my DesignStar! I've missed the last three episodes. :(
    You don't like wall decals? I think they can be awesome, if done well.

  2. I really hope we can celebrate! I love Emily's quirky rooms and her quirky posts. She's just so much more INTERESTING than so many other hosts out there. Fingers crossed!

  3. Oh, Jane, you have to go watch the last episode to see the wall decals. They were really scary.

  4. Celebrating what??? The winner's have done much after the 1st season. Have you checked the comments on DS board. Most people are totally turned off by the format and the judges, well 2 of the judges. Emily is a cutie, hope they support her if she wins.

  5. The evolution of HGTV's relationship with bloggers.

    People have always complained about the format, regardless of what it was. That's not the topic at hand. The blogsphere is pretty unanimous in the opinion that more individual challenges were needed and last week's episode is evidence of that.

    I've already written about the judges. The strategy involved was evident to many...but clearly not to all!

  6. By the way, isn't it interested that people complained about how harsh Vern was, but when he called out the team for giving the firefighters "a big, fat zero", no one cried foul.

    People sure are finicky!

  7. I don't watch, but I love to see the designs online afterwards!


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