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Hi, I'm Karen.

As Design Star was drawing to a close, I got to chatting with a few design enthusiast friends about design shows. With one or two exceptions, most of our favorite were off the air. One that came up was Find Your Style, which featured designer Karen McAloon.

On Find Your Style, Karen worked with homeowners to zero in on color palettes and finishes and then sent them off to shop on their own. After the homeowner placed their items in their space, Karen would tweak their selections, show them alternatives to some of their purchases, and modify the furniture placement in the room. All of this was done while telling the homeowner (and us) why the changes made good design sense.

As a renter in Boston back when the show aired, I loved it. HGTV had already started to sprinkle more and more real estate or staging shows into their schedule when Find Your Style was on the air. Many of the shows that had designers at the helm also included major demolition (Divine Design, for example). Those were fun to watch, but out of reach for many of us.

Today, I own a condo in a smaller city in the south and still think Find Your Style's format would still work for me. Since the show came up in conversation, I've been thinking about it more and more. I miss that show.

Do you remember Karen? Do you remember Find Your Style? Do you miss it?


  1. That show was great! I have always wanted to move to San Francisco and I remember they'd have her at the top of a hill (Lombard or somewhere on Russian Hill) at the beginning of the show.

    I was a little sad that they moved David's show to Miami. He was also in San Francisco for a long time, too.

  2. I don't remember her, but there was a long time when I didn't have cable. Or even TV.

    But here's a q: Why does HGTV show SO MANY reruns of "House Hunters?" It seems every time I flip it on, that's what's playing.

  3. I remember that show! She always had the best jewelry. Before Find Your Style, she was on another show that I can't remember, but it was about makeovers using just paint and found objects. THAT was INSPIRATIONAL!

    I read on Hooked on Houses that the house hunting shows are staged.

    I followed the link and there are a few old videos on the HGTV web site. I wonder if there's a way they'd reshow them.

  4. I have a thing for San Francisco, too, Anne Marie. :)

    I hear you regarding the House Hunters show, Jane. I heard that the host we see on most of the shows (Suzanne Wong, I think) hasn't even worked for HGTV in the last five years, so some of the shows we're seeing are really old...which might be a sign that they ARE willing to show old shows. You'd think they'd want some more variety, though. There are only so many times you can watch some of those episodes. The shows that are pure staging, without any teaching or instruction are getting tired.

    Anon, I think the show you're referring to is Design Remix. Per the HGTV website, they are airing that show on Wednesday mornings at 8:30 AM.

    Something funny I found on Youtube: a homeowner who was on the show has labeled herself a "co-host" on a video of the episode in which she appeared. Ha!

  5. I always loved the show! During the height of the series, I was taking a quick stroll through Pier One and overheard a man ask his wife if it was one of their "elements". She wife saw me giggling and told me all about how they were re-doing their living room based on what they learned from the show.

    I've never understood HGTV - seems as soon as they come up with a great show, they can it. I don't care at all for their programming now, and haven't even tuned into that channel in probably 6 months.

  6. I just watched the videos on the HGTV site and remembered a couple of them. I remember the bag of stuff she'd pull out to make the people pick their metals or fabrics. My favorite part was always at the end when she'd install everything.

    Kenneth Brown was the only other designer who taught on a show. I miss both of them.

  7. I really miss that show. It was one of my favorites on HGTV. I watched a few episodes that I recorded yesterday.

  8. I loved that show and miss it! It was my favorite! Still wonder why they didn't keep it on the air.

  9. Not a big HGTV fan but really enjoyed her show! She was fun, informative and accessible. Wish more shows were like that rather than the "crash" style of design and decorating on there now.

  10. Karen McAloon is my hero! I miss that show so much! It was my favorite show on HGTV!

  11. I loved that show! We are renters and while it's nice to watch shows where they knock down walls, I really liked the more do-able shows that taught you how to do stuff.

    Another one I liked was called Design on a Dime (I think?), a complete room makeover for under $500.

    Although I have to say I like The Stagers (is that HGTV or Style?). Because they are so catty to each other over... chair legs.

  12. TOTALLY remember Karen! Ah, the good old HGTV days...

    Ditto on lurving Kenneth Brown--is he still on? I was infatuated w/ his show & Divine Design (still on I think but I never seem to remember to set the dvr). Love me some Chico & Candice & those idiotic skits they used to do.

    Now I'm loving Pure Design.

  13. I loved her too! Not to mention her clothing and jewelry! And its too bad her show is off the air - so creative.

  14. I watched Design Remix this morning, Wednesday, at 7:30. It was from 2008. I love to watch her show.

  15. Karen's show Find you Style was so great! Thanks to the show I understood why I like contemporary furniture and oriental carpets - organic modern she called it - or something like that. I wonder if she has her own design firm. It's a much better show than all of the house hunter shows.

  16. The HGTV show I miss most is This Small Space. (BTW - enjoying your blog)

  17. House hunter shows are for people who like to see how the "other half lives."  It is interesting for a while, but what does it teach you?  What empty boxes are?  You can look at so many of them and then, aside from beautiful scenery it's MOS.  I'm more interested in what to do with the spaces and that's why design shows are my favs.  Love David (yeah, even in Miami.. the scenery is great!).  Glad Candice and Genevieve have new episodes.  Love Emily now that I'm used to her.  Miss Angelo and Karen McAloon.

    It's good to see new faces, but what about the old ones?  Angelo was soooo hyped (and hyper) and then poof... gone.  Vern can poof... go.  Don't like him since Design Star and barely liked him before that.  

    Enough house hunting!  Show me design and how to create a style of my own. And David?  He's adorable, he can do anything and I'd watch!  LOL

  18. I was also a huge fan of find your style and design remix. I was very disappointed when it went off the air. One day I just couldnot find the program I was really hoping that the program returns with new shows or that she gets a new show.

  19. I loved that show! Recently found out it is still being shown very early on Thursday mornings. So I am
    DVRing it each week.

  20. I loved that show, my daughter and I watched it religiously. She was so entertaining and her tips were easily translated into your own home. I can not imagine why they got rid of that show and I am not searching for the shows to watch reruns.


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