Sunday, August 8, 2010

This is what I think of everytime there's a thunderstorm

Just a quick little Sunday post...

We had a few pretty major thunderstorms last week during which the power flicked. Usually, I see power outages as a chance to light some candles and read or snuggle Baxter as the storm rages, but ever since a storm a few months ago left us without power for an extended period, I've started to dread the storms. I forgot that I snapped a couple pictures after that storm. Here's what I dread so much:

Sink full of emptied food containers behind a $30 bottle of finishing sauce

Virtually empty fridge after a power-outage induced purge
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  1. Ooo, that does look grim! I had to empty my chest freezer one time after a black-out and that was traumatizing!

  2. Yikes, that must have been a long power outage!

  3. How about asking for a portable generator as a Christmas gift?

  4. Look on the bright side ... a clean fridge! We had awful damage in Alexandria, some still without power.

  5. I remember Hugo coming through and we were without power for weeks! We were cooking everything on our gas grill - It was awful!

    I hope it doesn't hit you again anytime soon!!

  6. Getting a small generator is so worth it! I bet you could find one for less than the money you lost in spoiled food last time around.

    Hugs! Malena


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