Sealing bathroom tile

Sealing my bathroom tile is the stinkiest job on my to-do list. I already sealed it once, but missed a few spots and decided to go over it again.

I realize that many people don't seal their tile and grout, but after the pink grout episode, I'm sealing mine every six months.

I use a sealant recommended by the tile gurus on GardenWeb's bathroom forum and the John Bridge forums. The instructions recommend using a clean, white towel or cloth to apply the sealant. Since this ruins the cloth, I decided to use an old washcloth (from one of those 6 for $5 packs sold at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and Target). Here we go...

I should have taken a picture of my face during this because I have a sarong wrapped around my head. I couldn't find my scarves, so the sarong had to work. I looked like I was prepared for a dust storm.

After leaving the sealant on for a few minutes, I wiped it off and put my gloves and wash cloth into a bag for immediate disposal. Then I left the bathroom fan running for about half an hour and that got rid of the smell.

I decided to splash a bucket of water on the wall and take a picture with the flash of the result so you can see what happens when water hits the sealed grout.

It literally hangs there. I use a squeegee after each shower, so all the water is swept away pretty quickly.

Compare that to what the grout looks like when I splash water on a spot that was missed the first time I put the sealant on:

Is this something to worry about? Probably not since the tile job is new and there's waterproof backing behind the tiles. However, it makes it easier to sweep the water off the tiles and I think it will keep the pink stuff at bay.

Just for fun, here's a picture of a marble counter top at a hotel in which I recently stayed. My guess was that someone tried to clean the counter with a product that was too harsh for the stone. If you have marble, this will probably make you cringe.

Okay, so another item comes off the to-do list!
Did you have a productive weekend? What did you get to cross of your list?
  • Finish patching hole in laundry
  • Paint laundry
  • Paint front closet & organize
  • Paint walk-in bedroom closet & organize
  • List high value items on Craigslist for sale
  • Send less value items to SPCA Rummage Sale store
  • Fill nail holes in and paint baseboards
  • Paint over terrible job I did painting the concrete on the patio
  • Add second coat of sealant to bathroom tile
  • Raise living room drapes


  1. I've got to seal our tile grout soon. I'm so glad you mentioned this, because I wouldn't have known otherwise!

    I finally got to paint my nightstands that I built...and it didn't go well. I hate spraypaint. Trying again tonight with brush-on paint. Sigh...

  2. I love your marble tiles *swoon*! The action shot with the water droplets is fantastic, it looks so sparkly and pretty!! Way to demonstrate thoroughly =)

    xo Linda

  3. Wow!..I don't mind putting grout on our tiles before but now, I think I have to do this quarterly!

  4. Ahhh I have GOT to seal our grout ASAP...just as soon as the sawdust stops flying around. Yours looks waterproof now!

  5. Looks great Jeannine! With my husband off on a week long fishing trip, I tore apart closets and drawers and got everything straightened up. Our home had a serious, belated spring cleaning.

  6. That looks amazing! Would you please share the name of the product?


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