Quality time with Nikon

The Nikon D5000 owner's manual is 230+ pages long. I'm currently on page 43. Forgive me, but the "to-do" list is taking a back seat for the next few days while I work my way through this thing.

I have one early observation:

Wearing Nikon's camera strap is akin to wearing a billboard. I don't like labels on my clothes and I sure don't want such an obvious label around my neck. I remember reading about a way to make a camera strap on Mrs. Limestone's blog a while back, but I'm not a sewer, so I went to Etsy and found hundreds of pages of pretty straps made by others. The first task, though, is to decide if you want a camera strap cover, which slips on your existing strap, or an entirely new strap. Worried about the slipcover slipping around (hee hee), I decided to look for entirely new straps.

I found a few Etsy sellers with nice collections and finally settled on this strap made by Cotton Candy by Natalie.

I started wondering if I need a camera bag and decided that I'd ask you all, since so many of you responded about your own snazzy cameras when I shared that I was going to buy a DSLR. Do you have a camera bag? Are there any other accessories I should be thinking about buying?

I never mentioned this, but I was an official photographer at my college during my freshman and sophomore years. I used a fully manual camera, rolled my own film, and even had a press pass. Of course, instead of going to anything cool, I went to lectures to take pictures of people standing at podiums. One of the more interesting parts of the job was shooting old photos from the school's archives so there would be back up copies of them. I'd spend tons of time at a copy stand (check that out if you've never seen one...it's a beast!) with big, hot lights angled onto me, shooting photos that were far older than I was (with a remote...while holding my breath). I have to admit that I barely knew what I was doing. I did not retain much (any?) of what I learned.

Oh, and here's the first picture out of the new camera. Obviously, I was shooting in "auto" mode, so I can blame any issues with the image on the camera.

Nothing to be impressed about here...it's almost impossible to take a bad picture of this little guy.

I did not receive any compensation from the Etsy seller I mentioned.
She doesn't even know I wrote about her.


  1. http://www.dana-made-it.com/2010/07/shey-b-camera-strap-giveaway.html

    another option I saw recently on www.dana-made-it.com

  2. I think a camera bag is pretty necessary to give your camera a little protection. You spend quite a bit on a quality camera, you need to keep it safe. I use a camera bag that was my husbands. It's certainly not pretty. I've been looking for a bag with a little more personality but for the prices, I may just make my own. I've also been meaning to make a strap cover. I would suggest looking for straps/covers that have a pocket for your lens cap. Unless yours is attached to the camera in some way, I recommend having a nice safe & clean place to put it too.

  3. Jeanine..
    I do not have a camera bag..
    I know they are nice..
    but for me..
    they are a hassle.
    I carry my Purse which is sufficient.
    the camera sits in the ready on top of my wallet..
    most times tho, it is in the seat next to me..
    really the camera is just an extension of ME!
    strap,, I agree.. mine is a pain in the patooty..never wear it around my neck..
    and I too do NOT like wearing anyone's name on my stuff..i prefer being unobtrusive as I quietly click away in my own corner of the world..
    You'll find your comfort niche of personal preferences.. just be true to YOU.
    read the manual? I did not..
    just explored..found what I needed..
    and just DID my thing..
    like I said.. I am not a professional..
    Photography is a passion yes, but it is my HOBBY!
    I don't want to lose this passion to getting/being to technical!
    okay.. enough said.. grab your camera, turn it on and start exploring your newfound world!
    warm sandy hugs, laughing smiles too!!

  4. Jeanine:

    A camera bag preferred by a lot of ladies that like to remain looking like stylish women with their cameras and not a member of a SWAT team is the ShootSac (http://shootsac.com/).
    Definitely worth a look through.

  5. I just looked at the ShootSac, but it's just a lens bag. I wish it was a real camera bag.

  6. That strap is great - love the colors. And what a great first picture!! :)

  7. This reminds me the camera strap cover I made is so dirty (from all the dirty places I've been hanging around in my travels) - I need to make a new one!

    To answer your question - i don't use a camera bag. I can't imagine carrying one around they are so bulky. I just use my regular purse.

  8. I bought a Crumpler "Five Million Dollar" bag, based on a professional photog's recommendation. It easily accommodates my D90, plus two lenses, so it's good for storage. It's not the best if you're trying to travel light. If you're not planning to change out lenses, I'd get a simple sleeve, just to keep it clean.


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