One closet down, one more to go

Painting the two walk-in closets in my condo was the chore I didn't really want to tackle, but they are the only spaces where you can still see the original, icky, beige paint that was put onto the walls by the builder. This weekend, I decided to paint the main closet in the bedroom.

By 9 AM on Saturday morning, I had the closet empty and the brackets taped off. As I found when I painted the laundry room the first time, ClosetMaid brackets aren't meant to be removed and reinstalled later. Once they're in, they're in...unless you want to destroy your walls to get them out.

I decided that I wasn't going to spend any money on this little project, so I pulled out some Glidden paint I had gotten for free when they introduced their premium paint. I wasn't too impressed with the coverage.

I used an entire quart of paint on the space and it didn't look very good. I then mixed some white Glidden paint (a freebie that came in the test kit I got last year) and some of the original Sherwin Williams color that was in the bedroom (Compatible Cream). I really like the result...a lighter version of what's already in the room.

Let's revisit that list...
  • Paint front closet & organize
  • Fill nail holes in and paint baseboards
  • Paint over terrible job I did painting the concrete on the patio
  • Paint walk-in bedroom closet & organize
  • Finish patching hole in laundry
  • Paint laundry
  • List high value items on Craigslist for sale
  • Send less value items to SPCA Rummage Sale store
  • Add second coat of sealant to bathroom tile
  • Raise living room drapes


  1. Whoo hoo! Way to go! You will be done with that to-do list in no time!

  2. Awesome! I need to do the same to my closets. I can't believe you were removed from the wait list without cancelling! What the heck is wrong with people?! Wow. I e-mailed her after seeing Joi's post and removed myself. Sucks that we paid a non-refundable deposit. I'd be willing to wait (after all I knew it was going to be some time when I initially put the deposit down - IN MARCH!!!) if there was some reasonable communication but nothing AND Joi is after me on the list but she got an e-mail about starting the process and paying in full. I never received a thing! Live and learn I guess.

  3. I'm impressed and wish your energy was catching. I did manage to get a lot of languishing projects completed while my husband was off on a week long fishing trip. Still have several to go.

    Good for you - congratulations


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