Olivia's going on a trip

You know I don't miss a chance to post Olivia the sheep, right?

While playing with my new camera the other night (I'm still making my way through the manual), I was snapping pictures of Oliva and noticed something odd about the mat at the bottom of the frame.

There's a little ripple in the linen that lines the interior of the frame that wasn't there before.

The ripple extends to the top, where it isn't as prominent.

Looks like the ol' girl is going to be taking a ride to Northern Virginia for a little fix up.

P.S. The camera strap came in and it's super cute!


  1. I hope they can fix up Olivia reallllll nice. :) Are you loving the Nikon?

  2. It makes me happy every time you post a picture of Olivia too! Hope you get her back into pristine condition.

  3. I read the post's title and got a little worried about Olivia! I'm relieved to hear that she's just going in for a little check up ;).

  4. I'm sure Olivia is happy to hear the damage isn't too BAAAAA-d (sorry, when I see the opportunity for a pun I have to take it!). Hope she gets fixed up good as new :)


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