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Remember how I mentioned that my neighborhood has a sketchy side last week? Well, perhaps I should count my blessings that I don't live in one of the private communities on the outskirts of town. One in particular has homes like this:

Yesterday, a woman was shot on her property in that community while she was gardening! This is the same community that was in the news a while back when their community association was missing over $600,000 and their treasurer was missing for a month.

Do any of you live in a gated community? Is life there as dramatic as life at our Glenmore seems to be?

By the way, while snagging those pictures from MLS, I saw one example after another of my biggest pet peeve in real estate listings: bad photoshopping. Looking at an image that has obviously been tweaked is so distracting! I also get suspicious of the seller and agent. If you're going to turn a photo into a cartoon looking thing, are you also willing to lie about bigger items that require a lot more work?

You'd think they would have photoshopped some of the crappy furniture out. Do you think they paid a stager for the furniture placement? I really lurve the ottoman that was moved to be with the zebra chair.

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  1. Yikes! Those homes look gorgeous but I can't imagine that kind of drama (and crime!). And yeah, the photoshopping is a bit much. And if you're gonna do it, at least do something better than crummy valences and a chandelier!

  2. egads. reasons #789 and #790 i would never choose to live in glenmore.

  3. The retouching looks ridiculous. The proportion is all off on the last photo. Look at the table compared to the black chairs.

  4. I live in midtown Manhattan and our apartment has a patio. Many times when we first moved in we forgot to lock (or sometimes even close) that back patio door. My step-daughter who lives in Tuscany would not visit us when their children were little because they were afraid the children would be kidnapped from their arms. She lives in a nice part of her city and has been robbed several times. So who is safer?

  5. Weird...I babysat for the family who built the first house pictured (they moved a couple of years later). The interior looks very different now; I prefer how it used to be, even though their style was much more traditional.

    I wouldn't want to live in Glenmore or a neighborhood like it even if I could afford to. With that kind of money, you could buy a beautiful old house downtown (and not have to deal with a homeowners association)!

  6. Oh took me a while to see what was "shopped". Then I looked out the windows. HA! That is just poor planning on the Realtors part. Seriously?!

  7. Eew. So super Stepford Wife.
    I would never live in a gated community even if you gave me a house there.
    I don't even like visiting these kind of places.
    xo xo

  8. She got shot?! Is she OK?! We're adjacent to a small exclusive neighborhood I like to call Wisteria Lane. I can only guess what goes on over there. Mr. FC thinks there's some major swinging going on--heh!

    Hell to the no on the photoshopping fugliness. I feel guilty even touching up the sharpness of my own photos!

  9. Wow! Agreed the photoshoped photos don't look good at all!

  10. Wow, we had a guy get shot while gardening in my hood, a few blocks away here in Atlanta. Not gated, an urban (intown) hood that is gentrifying, so you get that stuff on both sides of the track. I would never be able to deal with a Home Owners Association, ewwww! I was a lifegard as a young person for years and years, and I always worked in high end hoods, and had to deal with those people, Never.Again.Ew.Ew.Ew.


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