The most boring light fixture in the world

Are you familiar with this style of light fixture? If your home was built in recent years, I bet you have at least a few of them in your house.

This is, quite possibly, the most boring light fixture ever created. Developers seem to love them, probably because they are so cheap. They cost $9-12 retail and I'm sure developers get them for a few dollars when they order they by the truck load.

When I moved into my place, there were three of these things. That's not many for a normal sized house, but in a 785 square foot condo, that's three too many. You may remember that I replaced the most visible one of these beauties in April. The other two were in the laundry "room" (more of a closet) and my bedroom's walk in closet. Scratch that...I think the lights in the closet are even cheaper versions of that light.

When I painted the laundry closet, I decided that the light had to go. There's nothing really wrong with it, but it is so ugly that it bothers me. So, the old one is headed for the Habitat Store as soon as I figure out what to get instead.

This is where you come in.

Should I go modern or classic? By classic, I'm thinking about "school house" style lighting.

By modern, I mean something along the lines of my dining room chandelier. Something like this:

What do you think? I like them both!


  1. Those lights are incredibly boring. And, sadly enough, even though I built a great modern house with totally mod fixtures, our builder opted to put four of those awful lights in the basement rec room. Not at all what I asked him to install. Unfortunately, they went in at the end of the project and we were so burned out that I didn't have it in me to complain and ask for a change. Since the rec room is Pete's Man Cave, I'm almost never down there and don't see them. He doesn't mind them, so we haven't changed them.

    As for your light choices, I like the retro school house fixture.

  2. I like them both sorry no help there! I'm usually more classic then modern but I think it would really be cool using that modern one in your laundry room, it's different! And I love different!

  3. Sorry, I like them both. Can't offer a suggestion.

    Those generic ones may be boring, but I actually don't mind them. . . compared to most horrid brass light fixtures I've ever had in my rentals. :)

  4. I like both, but a bit tired of the schoolhouse look. Check out Shade of Light (in VA I think). They have quite trendy and interesting fixtures online. Love so many things there.

    xo Terri

  5. Have you seen the "Rejuvenation" lighting catalog? They have wonderful variations of the lighting options above...I'll bring their fall catalog to the store, if you want to look at it. Not sure about their website, but the book is definitley worth a look!

  6. This post is generating a lot of comments on my Facebook friend is hurt that I made fun of his lighting, another suggested that this is "design neutral" lighting, not boring, and others chimed in about how many of these little monsters they have in their homes.

    I really think these things are everywhere!

  7. Ohhhh the dreaded "nipple lights"....I say go with the modern shape! Since your condo leans modern traditional, I think it fits in well and would be a huge improvement!

  8. I like them both too so I'm also no help. I have a different kind of "builder grade" light in my house and can't wait until I can switch them out.

  9. Ugh. My last apartment was littered with boob lights. I was so happy when I bought my house and there were none to be found.

    I really like the second fixture, but wonder if it would give you the amount of light you're looking for. It may also hang down a bit too far, but I don't know how tall your ceilings are.

  10. I vote for the school house lighting! It'll look so cute in your laundry room!

  11. I could do a whole post on those ugly fixtures! I am slowly replacing them throughout our house. They are a huge buzzkill! I like your options, especially the school house fixture!


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