Let's dish with Martha Stewart

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I came home to an interesting scene last night. The Martha Stewart plates I ordered from Macy's arrived, but I think my FedEx guy was a little annoyed that he had to make four trips to carry them to my door. What do you think?

After I unlocked the door and squeezed my way inside, I started unpacking the boxes. I'm so happy that every single dish was in perfect condition (I had been worried that I'd have chipped plates like when I ordered from Bloomingdale's).

I had purchased four place settings and Macy's threw in four more as part of a "buy one, get one" promotion. I was happy about getting eight dinner plates, salad plates, and bowls, but I wasn't sure I needed eight mugs. I already have some Starbucks coffee cups that I love (I like small-ish coffee cups). I wasn't even sure I could find room for everything in the cabinet where I keep my dishes, but it worked out just fine with the help of a mini cutting board that I picked up at Ikea a little over a year ago.

I wasn't sure about the size of the bowls, but because they are so deep, I realized that they can handle a little more than my old rimmed soup bowls could. They're smaller than the large, round bowls I sometimes use for cereal (which are directly behind the bowls in the cabinet), but I'm hoping that using the new bowls will get me to eat servings that are a little closer to the suggested one (no one really only eats half a cup of cereal, right?).

Don't be fooled by the order of the first two shelves, though. The top shelf in the cabinet is crammed with glasses.

The whole left side of the cabinet is full of all the random glasses that I've picked up...travel mugs, the porcelain replica of a NYC take out cup that I got at Moma (that cup always makes me smile), two massive mugs that I don't use, my UVa Tervis Tumblers, and some other stuff. Some of the "other stuff" is in the dishwasher, so there is usually even more disorder in that area. There's a lot of stacking in there, so you can't even see everything I've crammed into the space.

Has anyone successfully kept all the random cups at bay? I don't need them and I would never use them with guests, but for some reason, I'm having a hard time getting rid of them.


  1. I LOVE your massive mugs, Jeanine! Are those lemons on them?

  2. I never know what to do with all the cups either. They always come with sets, but we have separate sets of glasses that we use instead. We have a hard time letting go of stuff too, so we just stack 'em up and hope they all fit!

  3. I hang all my mugs and cups from hooks above the plates, etc. It does help if you have tall cabinets in order to do that though. :)

  4. My pet peeve in kitchen cabinets is when they're overflowing with mismatched cups and mugs, etc.

    That being said, My boyfriend has two mugs that don't match our dishes, because I'm not a complete dictator :) But I try to keep the mismatched cup clutter to a minimum. I mean, you can only use SO many cups!

    (Sidenote: my parents have at least 30 mugs. And my mom also has a set of 10 mugs that match her dishes. Drives me insane.)

  5. Lisa, yep, those are lemons. Do you want them? I'll send them to you!

    I'd love to hang my mugs...but I'd be afraid that the hooks would fall out of the cheapo not-quite-wood shelving in those cabinets!

  6. One thing I've done for hanging mugs in wimpy shelves is - drill the holes for the hooks using a smaller than needed drill bit. Then, before screwing hook in, quickly put some hot glue in the hole, then quickly screw the hook into the glue/hole. The glue will set and help keep it secure in the wimpy fake wood.

  7. Oh Jane, you are such a smarty pants. I never would have thought of that!

  8. I have the same problem! Generally I'm a "all dishware/cups/silverware must match!" person, but I have a few stray Starbucks mugs that I keep because they are better sized than the wimpy ones that came with my Pottery Barn dishes. I love Jane's idea of the hooks!

  9. I have trouble with all the random mugs. I have a couple that I bought at a yard sale and I love them, but they don't match anything else. And then there are three smaller ones that were my moms. Plus were looking for a set of dishes since we got married and my little set of four isn't enough when anyone comes over. So far though, I kept from accumulating the amount of randomness that we had growing up.

  10. Random mugs are a problem at our house too. I try to weed them out once in a while, but my family keeps accumulating them!

  11. Returning Stateside from overseas last year really made us take a hard look at what we were going to ship. Randomness didn't make the cut.

    Love your new dishes!

  12. Love anything Tervis...they do not sweat on hot and summery days!


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