Monday, August 2, 2010

Laundry room reveal

Listing all the items on my to-do list last week was just the motivation I needed to get the laundry closet patched and repainted.

I pulled out all of my leftover paint and used Sherwin Williams' Alabaster (mixed by Benjamin Moore with that lovely Aura paint) on the ceiling and Benjamin Moore's Smoke on the walls. I need to take a picture from far away so you can see the Smoke color on the dining room walls, then Benjamin Moore's Secret on the kitchen walls, and then Smoke in the pantry beyond it. I think it looks pretty neat.

I probably could have gone a little lighter on the walls, but I didn't want to mess with mixing paint. I had mixed the color that was on the pantry walls before and that's why I couldn't just paint over the patch I made.

I think I'm going to replace the ceiling light fixture so there's a little more light being thrown around this tiny space. Maybe I need to add that to my list of things to do next weekend. I'm planning on painting the front walk-in closet and that could use a brighter light, too.
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  1. How pretty and clean and chic! Right after work, I'm going to pull out my washer and dryer and start on my renovation, too!

  2. It looks great! At least from the pictures, the color seems to work really well against all of the white.

  3. You are so productive! Lookin' good!

  4. Well I'm glad that's the paint color you chose because I think it looks fabulous; exactly what I picture when I think of a nice, soothing laundry "retreat" :)

  5. Congrats on crossing things off your list!

  6. oh I love the color! I cant wait to see it all organized!

  7. Running a load through will now be a very pleasant experience!


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