Introducing Heather Picinich

A while back, I got an email from a local interior designer who was having a party for the launch of her website. I couldn't attend the party, but I decided to so some poking around on the web to see if I could find any of her work. When I got to these pictures, I was certain I had seen them before.

I might have come across these first couple pictures back when I was looking for dining room chairs. The ones used here look a lot like the chairs made by Thomas Pheasant for Baker with which I first fell in love. At the time, they were the only ones I found that had the hardware on the back of them (about a year or so again, Ballard started offering the hardware as an option on their version of the chair).

That beautiful light fixture should look familiar, too. I think it's made its way into every major shelter magazine in the last few years...with good reason!

It's it a lovely dining area?

I also found some charming pictures of children's rooms Heather has designed. She clearly loves fabric and incorporating bright, strong colors in ways that are very appealing.

Is the window seat area in this next picture just perfect for a little girl?

The baby who sleeps here probably wouldn't mind if I just took her side tables, right? Want.

I think these next two photos are from a playroom or TV room. What a fun space!

Okay, I bet your interest has been piqued. There's plenty more in Heather's portfolio on her newly launched website. Go check it out, especially if you'd like to see some more traditional color palettes.

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  1. Such fun playrooms & kids rooms!

  2. Love it all. FYI, You can order just the hardware from Baker.

  3. Wow! Gorgeous spaces all around. I can't believe I'm jealous of an infant right now ...

  4. Aww.. not to mention that Heather is an all-around AWESOME person, too! Has she seen this posted? I know she'd be excited! I'll pass it on!

  5. Heather is amazing! I went to the Open House and it was- if you can believe it- even more exceptional in person! She just did a proposal for me and I almost cried - it was so perfect! It was like she read my mind! And I agree with Sasha - she's an amazing person, too!


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