Going up!

Remember the picture above? I posted it in the winter after I added the yellow, grosgrain ribbon trim to drapes I bought in ebay (which were actually from Target). I was so happy with how they turned out...but I did this little project between the flood that took my floors away and the installation of the new floors.

After the new floors went in, the bottom of the drapes bunched up on the floor. I did my best to make them look find for blog pictures, but in reality, the panels didn't look very good with my chocolate hickory floors installed.

Over the weekend, I decided to finally take care of this. First, I raised the curtain rod on one side (I thought I had installed it to be level, but it was a smidge off).

By the way, the only spackle at the local hardware store that was in stock in the size tub I wanted was "lightweight" spackle. I had my doubts because the tub was so unusually light, but it worked perfectly! It had the consistency of cake frosting.

Then, Marc helped me by bending my drapery hooks so the panels would sit higher on the rod. The hooks don't look very nice right now, but they do the job. Here's the final result:

Let's revisit my big "to-do" list, shall we? I'm down to four projects...well, then come some big decisions about a few major purchases.

The list:
  • Paint front closet & organize
  • Paint walk-in bedroom closet & organize
  • Fill nail holes in and paint baseboards
  • Paint over terrible job I did painting the concrete on the patio
  • Finish patching hole in laundry
  • Paint laundry
  • List high value items on Craigslist for sale
  • Send less value items to SPCA Rummage Sale store
  • Add second coat of sealant to bathroom tile
  • Raise living room drapes


  1. Your drapes are gorgeous :) Your list is getting shorter and shorter - way to go!

  2. Can you share where you found your grosgrain ribbon? I want to buy a spool and there's got to be a better resource than JoAnn!

    gummicandy at gmail

  3. wow!..4 things to do!..good luck and anyway, your curtain is nice..I like it

  4. Whoo hoo! Want to come down and take care of some of my to-do's?! :)

  5. The drapes look gorgeous!! Congrats on marking things off your list. I get such a thrill crossing things off my list. Do you get the same sense of gratification crossing off the list electronically? I might have to give it a go.

  6. Drapes? I always look OUT the windows. Play with plinths for your pots or larger pots.

    Would love a before/after post with this patio area. It's magic with your room.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara


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