Design Star hits and misses

I think most of us are pretty happy this morning with how Design Star turned out last night. The blogger favorite won. Congratulations to Emily Henderson! I can't wait to see her one hour special next Sunday night.

I haven't been this excited about a winner of the show since it was created. I'm wondering if others feel the same way. Which winners have you liked? Which ones did you not expect to win? To jog your memory, here are the winners from each season along with a chart of challenges and results that I found on the wikipedia page for Design Star:

Season One
David Bromstad

Season Two
Kim Myles

Season Three
Jennifer Bertrand
Curious about what happened to Jen? See RoomFu's interview with her.

Season Four

Antonio Ballatore

Here's a key to those charts:


  1. I love David Bromstad. I think I've seen every episode he's done. I saw Kim's show a couple times (is it canceled now?) and it seemed pretty good. I saw Antonio's show once but didn't really care for it. Just not my style. It'll be neat to see how Emily does.

  2. I adore David !
    love his vitality..
    and love of color!
    Kim Myles has been a favorite..
    have adapted many of her creations for my own personal use.Love her bubbly personality!
    Antonio.. nice guy.. just not my style either..
    and Jennifer..
    will have to check out what happened..
    was really looking forward to seeing her freshness..
    I really don't watch much TV..
    and HGTV has really lost its appeal to me!
    warmest hugs..

  3. I'm very happy Emily won and look forward to seeing her show. As for the past winners, I was excited for and still enjoy David's show. I had honestly completely forgotten about Jennifer. Did her show ever air?

  4. Shortly after she won, Jennifer gave birth to a child with severe health challenges. Kim would be a good craft show host but I didn't like her design show. I like David.

    I propose a show on southern design starring Alice (season 1) and from season 2, Will and Josh. The hosts could rotate and highlight different segments of southern culture.

    Clarosie (from KY)

  5. David is by far my favorite!! Never miss his show.

    1.Never really liked Kim's show although I was happy with her win.

    2.Jennifer's episode was good. Would have liked to have seen more.

    3.Antonio....probably won't watch anymore of his.

    4.I am really hoping Emily has a good show. Fingers crossed.


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