Art on an extreme budget

I came across a photo last night that made me remember how I managed to get art on the walls when I first moved into my condo. It was my first time living alone and I felt a lot of pressure to be thrifty. As you may recall, I lived in the unit as a renter originally and the developer of the complex converted the building to condos after I lived here for two or three years.

Around the time I moved here, I saw a picture in a shelter magazine of a fairly traditional bedroom with a very modern painting in it. I loved the juxtaposition and I stuck the page in my inspiration folder. The magazine made no reference to the art, so I couldn't track it down. I decided to copy it.

Now, this is where you'll see that all my talk about not being crafty or artsy is completely right. I now know the painting was by Terry Winters and prints were made for the 1999 Mostly Mozart Festival at Lincoln Center. Here's the original:

Here's the "copy" that little, 20-something me created. I remember laboring over this. I drew faint pencil lines to mark out where the horizontal stripes would go and then searched for round or oblong items to trace over top.

In the magazine, the painting had been mounted over a white mat (not the other way around) and I tried to replicate that...but didn't really have the budget to do it properly.

You'll noticed that I didn't have the sense to turn off the flash on the camera, either.

I have to admit, though, that despite the picture being a little tragic, it makes me smile. It's from a time when my interest in design was just emerging and my aspirations were a little different.

If you thought this was fun, you might like Jane's walk down memory lane. She recently posted pictures from her first apartment.


  1. That's like an exact replica! Awesome job! I'm thinking of DIY-ing a huge canvas for our dining needs something huge and we have zero budget!

  2. Hey, thanks for the shout-out. Second, I love what you did!


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