Are we done with this yet?

Everyone is swooning over the feature about Kevin Sharkey's apartment in this month's Martha Stewart Living.
The apartment itself looks great.

Enough with the orange boxes! I find this "decorating" so tacky and sophomoric. I wonder if Martha leaves boxes around her homes in an ostentatious display of her shopping habits. Oh wait! Her homes are well photographed and the answer is a big, fat no.

The caption on the photo above, from Kevin Sharkey's blog entry about the Martha Stewart Living photo shoot, reads "I had to store my collection of Hermes boxes inn [sic] my shower." It might as well have said "I get a bigger, more bloated paycheck than all of you and I spend it in fabulous places."

I found the article about the kitchen in Martha's Bedford house far more interesting that the faux party feature photographed in Kevin's apartment. I also think there are a number of beautiful house tours on the MSL site that are charming and inspirational.

I have to ask, again, if anyone out there truly places boxes from stores around their home.
I don't.

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  1. I agree w/you and no I don't display boxes like that in my house either. Seriously who would live w/boxes like that in a shower? I think most people would think the person would need to call "clean house" or "hoarders" (When time permits my goal for "boxes" will be white, or clean with white covers, storage boxes in my basement on stainless steel rolling racks) a place that is organized and neat but where no one but myself sees them.

  2. Thank YOU!

    Displaying Hermes (and Tiffany) boxes is crass. Period. End of sentence.

  3. i try to remove any and all boxes from my home. in the shower? really? just dumb.

  4. They are a great shade of orange but it's still *a cardboard box*.

    Not my thing, either.

  5. Tacky! Not too mention, do you really need a box for every individual item you purchase? I'm assuming that each one of those boxes came with a nifty letter pressed bag with expensive cord for handles as well.
    I actually have reusable bags that I bring when shopping for clothes, health & beauty products, etc. And half the time I say no thank you to bags and just walk with whatever I bought straight to my car. What a waste!

  6. As I said in the comments of your first post about this, such ostentatious displays of consumerism are just flat-out tacky.

    [Although I wonder if my daughters would try something similar with their American Girl boxes if I allowed it??? :-) ]

    When I was at the Martha Stewart bloggers' party two weeks ago, I got an advance copy of the September magazine and it included photos from Kevin's apartment. Not an orange box in sight, so I wonder if this was just a stunt.

    BTW, I met Kevin briefly at that party and he seemed very nice.

  7. How bizarre! The shower looks like one in the home of a compulsive collector who eventually comes to the attention of the authorities and needs to be institutionalized!

  8. It would have been jet blue type amazing if some pissed off assistant turned the shower on.

  9. I guess I should explain. Kevin wrote on the blog that he had to move all of his Hermes boxes for the shoot. He stacked them in the shower to get them out of the way.

    I still love his blog on MS's site. I just don't like his collection of, as Chelsea aptly pointed out, cardboard boxes.

  10. Amen sister. I have always thought that was pretentious. I love boxes as accessories but I mean like actual boxes made of acrylic or wood or something. I wouldn't stack a bunch of kate spade boxes in my house. Seriously.

  11. I was just reading the september issue and thnking the same thing. I agree I enjoyed her kitchen article much more.
    But I do keep boxes,
    with shoes in them,
    like a normal person.
    He might as well have a sign on the shower door, "This is how Pretentious I am" Geez
    Someone turn the shower on :)

  12. Tacky, tacky, tacky. I will, however, confess that I have some great shopping bags stashed away in a closet - Henri Bendel's, Harrod's, Takashimaya (R.I.P.), Cartier, Tiffany's, Quince (HA!), etc., but would probably use them for gag gifts!

  13. THANK YOU!...I find it all a bit pretentious.

  14. I cannot agree with you more. Every time I see a GD orange Hermes box (or Hermes blanket strategically folded in photos) I want to gag. When I was about 16 I staged my bedroom to make it look like I read all the right books, etc. I think after I grew up I finally realized that it is just sad to stage your life and be so label conscious and so egomaniacal, etc. I can't stand this pipsqueak anyway.

    xo Terri

  15. OMG, 'behind the fourth door' commenter has me laughing out loud!

  16. Found your blog while google-venting about the exact same thing! Ugh. Enough already. Glad I'm not the only one! Going to read more... ; )

  17. I'm going to buy orange wrapping paper from Target and start wrapping stuff. Like the box of bulger wheat that's sitting in the pantry. And the Splenda I thought I'd bake with. Kevin Sharkey will turn green, stamp his little foot, and throw a fit that he didn't think to wrap his kitchen goods in orange paper before me.

    It's a good thing.

  18. Thank you!! I wonder if he buys empty boxes on ebay... If you are proud of your consumption over your creativity, that's nothing to be proud of at all!

  19. While I believe his "showing off" can come off as a bit crass...the boxes are actually very different that your regular Hallmark or even Tiffany's. They are well maid (made in france) and actually one would be surprise as of the cost per unit, of each of the boxes (of course, at par with H products retails price). They are great for storage and also add a pop of color. And to the knowledgeable, the logo on the box (and its very subtle variations) have a special meaning, regarding the products its houses and the place of purchase. Of course, to be able to have the box, you have to able to afford a product in the store. So, please do not hate on the box, just see it as an aspirational goal, that you may (or may not) achieve.


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