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I had an awesome post in the works for today, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Yesterday around noon, just as we were about to leave for the day, a shelf in the laundry room fell off the wall. Water came pouring through the hole left by one of the toggle anchors. It was surreal. How the heck does something like this happen?

The water was soapy and we figured that someone's washing machine was leaking in a unit above ours. Sound familiar? My floors were destroyed by a leak in another unit back in November. I'm devastated by the potential damage of this one. What was not coming through the hole was probably pouring down the insides of the wall.

I called the emergency maintenance number for my complex and didn't hear from anyone for over an hour. Finally, a truck showed up. We said that we thought we could hear a washing machine running on the four floor and the guy left to get a key for the units up there. He never came back.

The water stopped, so we cleaned up the best we could and went on our errands. When we came back, there was more water in the pan we left under the hole. I called the emergency number again and found out that the office didn't have keys for the units on the 4th floor (totally infuriating...everyone is supposed to have keys on file with the office), so the guy who was here left.

Last night, the water starting coming down again and we started knocking on doors. We figured out that the water was coming from 2D.

2D. 2D was the tenant whose leak destroyed my floors! I'm sort of in shock at that. Now, I'm waiting for the management crew to show up so I can insist that they take the drywall down in the laundry room. There is water back there. There's electrical work. I'm pretty scared.


  1. are these owned or rented apartments? I'm assuming owned since you've put in so much work already. But seriously this guy needs to be evicted or just pummeled.

  2. So Very Sorry! Sure hope the maintenance staff gets their act together. And I'm with nikinikinine, that guy in 2D needs a good swift kick. Hope everything gets resolved soon!

  3. Wow, that sucks!

    I can't believe the lack of help from the maintence crew! I hope everything gets restored soon, hang in there!

  4. Ok, I'm steaming FOR you. This is infuriating. What is wrong with either a) the unit above yours or b) the tenant???? Oh my gosh. Hang in there, and make. them. pay.

    The worst thing is that in these situations, not only is your stuff damaged, even if they cover all the costs - that doesn't make up for the inconvenience to you. And Baxter. Sigh. Sorry you're going through this.

  5. Oh NO!! I am so sorry and SO MAD at this guy! Does he have a a hot tub in his living room or something? You should not be dealing with this again. Ugh.

    I really want to kick him for you.

  6. The fact that the water is stopping and starting tells me that the problem is with a fixture rather than a leaking pipe, and if it is soapy then its probably either the dishwasher or the washing machine as you guessed. It may be building code, or it may just be common sense, but any washing machine installed above finished space should be installed over a pan with a drain sized to handle a failure of the type you've experienced. If you fix this through your homeowners insurance, they'll probably just pay you and drop it at that, but you could call neighborhood development services (970-3182 i think) and see: a, if a pan under a washer is code, and b, if they'll do a spot inspection for compliance and cite for a violation if there is none above you. At least then you don't have to worry if its going to happen again. Chances of getting this to happen are better if you go down there in person.

  7. KGS, we already know what is wrong. As in the past, 2D is not above finished space.

    Sorry, I don't feel like explaining the details, but we know what is happening and it is being addressed. The problem is between the walls, above us.

  8. Jeannine...can't believe the same guy is responsible! hope no new floors are involved.

  9. That is terrible Jeannine!!!!! I hope it gets fixed quickly and doesn't hurt your beautiful new floors. :(

  10. Jeannine, I am so sorry you are having to go through this again. Big hugs to you! Malena

  11. Grrrrrrr! Why do things like this happen to really nice people????


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