My new toaster

A while back I mentioned a purchase I had been thinking about for quite some time. Last week, if you follow my Twitter updates, you figured out what that purchase was.

Remember how I once wrote that I like quirky art that makes me laugh? Well, those are also qualities I like in cars. The Honda Element has been on my mind for months. Members of the Element Owners Club affectionately call the car "the toaster", which is why this commercial cracked me up when Anita posted it on her Dreamer's Den blog:

I'm loving my toaster already.

It even has French doors!

Sorry for the detour away from design talk.
I just thought I'd share since I'm so excited to finally have the Element home!

Have you see these around your town? They're pretty popular here, but my mother hasn't seen many in her NJ town outside of NYC.


  1. So nice! Looks like Baxter is loving the new wheels too!!

  2. Cute car! I didn't like the first Elements that came out, they were too square. But I really like these newer models. And I was not aware of the french doors. Great idea!

  3. Great car/SUV...ironically, the toaster in my kitchen at home is EXACTLY the same shade of red as your toaster!

  4. I love the elements...I actually followed a black one home a few minutes ago! They are very popular here in Ontario.I was actually thinking of getting one, but decided to stick with my vw bug for awhile longer! Looks so fun....Now, the toaster...I didn't see it.


  5. I'm sure you'll be able to haul around all the furniture and home accessories you want in it... totally design related :).

  6. Congrats! That commercial is . . . bizarre? But cute and funny.

  7. thanks for the link-love! :)
    i test drove an element once; i really wanted it, but it only had 2 seat belts in the back. i was worried i would run into trouble hauling the kids + friends around!
    love the red!!! congratulations.

  8. Love the new toaster. Life is looking good in your world. xo Terri

  9. OMG and that ad is hilarious. : )

  10. I would love to have an element! They are awesome for pets and hauling stuff around, hopefully we'll get one when we have to buy a car again (which will hopefully be a looooooooooong time!) Enjoy your new ride!


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