More from the crown molding project in the kitchen

I usually pride myself on getting projects done in a weekend, but this one has been strung out quite a bit! I have to admit that I'm sometimes jealous of those who stay at home and can get things done a little more quickly.

Remember "the plan" I mentioned a while back? There is a major purchase on my check list and thinking about it has been taking up a lot of my time. I think that's close to being resolved.

All the energy spent on that has distracted me from finishing the kitchen crown molding. I only just got around to caulking the gaps between the pieces and the cabinets.

It was far easier than I expected. Caulk is a pretty forgiving material to work with. :) I bought a small tube of the stuff (the kind that can be painted) and squeezed it along all of the spaces in the wood. Then I used just my finger to smooth the caulk out. I also bought a little wood filler to use in the divots left by the brads.

I was able to get one coat of paint on the molding before the project had to be put on hold for a business trip. Now, I've taken a few days off and intend on finishing things up.

This might be a record for me...longest, most drawn out project yet. What's yours? Can anyone beat me? If you look at the kitchen overall, I started about a year ago.


  1. I'm wondering if your major purchase is a house. What can I say, I'm nosy. . . and I like guessing games. :)

    Inspired mostly by your perseverance in getting things just right, I'm taking my time on my bedroom makeover and it's killing me!

    I think the living room at my old condo was my longest (and most annoying) project to date. I could never get it right. Because I hated that dark depressing space!

  2. ;) I can beat you my kitchen cabinet crown molding that I put up in the end of 2006 is STILL only tacked in place I never got around to sinking the nails.

    The wainscoting in the living room that I started in the fall of 2008 is still not finished

    The wall molding in my bedroom that I started in 2007 yup that's not finished either.

    I'm notorious for starting projects then never finishing them. The only rooms in my house that are really finished is the office. Even my dining room isn't finished it looks it unless you look at the built in china cabinet that needs to be chalked on the sides ;)

    If a project takes me too long I lose interest and move onto the next thing someday I'll get all these things finished!

  3. Its going to be so worth all the work when you are done!

  4. You are quite the industrious project-er - don't kick yourself for this one! Moulding always takes longer than's such detailed work. It will look amazing when it's all done!!


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