The menagerie grows

My brother had an elementary school teacher who liked pigs. Everyone knew she liked pigs and they gave her pig items all the time. Her classroom (and I imagine her home) was full of pigs.

I hope the menagerie at my house isn't approaching those proportions! I don't consider myself a collector by any means, but looking around the room, I see quite a few animals. There are two fish on the coffee table, a horse on the console with the TV, two little owls on one side of my desk, a Thomas Paul pillow with a dog on it, and there's also Olivia the sheep. There's also my newest acquisition, a squirrel carrying a ring box by Jonathan Adler.

I always loved Adler's Menagerie line of pottery, but never really sought any of the items out. Last week, while looking for a birthday present for Marc's mother, we went into a charming, eclectic gift shop called O'Suzannah here in Charlottesville. July is when O'Suz has a major sale and I was pretty sure we'd find something to take home there.

Right at the front register, there was this squirrel with a big sticker in it's head with an insanely low price on it. The price was so low that I picked the squirrel right up and held it as I wandered around the store. Something had to be wrong with it, right?

Right. He was, as Suz herself explained, drunk. He tipped more easily than the others in the store. I decided to risk it and took him home. With a few little cushions on the bottom and placement far away from the big, red, wagging tail that flies around here, the little squirrel has been just fine.

I didn't realize the acorn the squirrel is holding is a ring box! I think I'll move him into the bedroom so he can be put to work.


  1. That's so cool! I love all your white collections!

  2. Cute!

    Many years ago, I collected cows. I wanted just a few to add a little pop to my decor. Alas, some people thought that I meant that I wanted a LOT of cows and within months, I had dozens. I still have a few cows, but have long since culled the collection.

    I have also collected cobalt blue glass for years. Unfortunately, the same people who loaded me up with cows are now loading me up with cobalt blue glass.

    For me the fun of a collection is finding a handful of very specific pieces that I collect slowly over a long period of time, so while I appreciate my parents' thoughtfulness in adding to my collections, I admit to getting a little frustrated when they take an idea and run (and run and run) with it.

  3. Oh I love him! Have you named him yet?

  4. I heart squirrels. Nice find! and yes, put him to work. He'll be happiest and hopefully lay off the sauce a little with some responsibility.

  5. Ha! Love the drunk squirrel! It looks great :)

  6. The drunk squirrel is pretty funny. I don't think you are overboard, white animals are welcome in masses!

  7. I love O'Suzannah. I haven't been shopping in C'ville for a while but now I have it on my mind...

  8. He's super cute! I love Jonathan Adler's stuff.

    In other news, I am now begging the boyfriend to look for jobs in C-ville when he's ready to transfer within our company. Your blog posts make me wish I lived there, and it's not too far from our friends here. We apparently need to at least come down for a shopping trip one weekend.


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